Do you believe in outer living organisms in the galaxy?

Asked by: xXx_Warshak_xXx
  • With all those stars out there ...

    How can we be so elitist to think we are the one and only dominant species in the whole of the universe? Just because some book written thousands of years ago by those who did not have today's technology say "we are the one and only", it does not make it truth. It just shows where we were technologically at the time.

  • There ARE living organisms in the galaxy.

    The rumor of space aliens had to come from SOMEWHERE, right? Also, Area 51 is forbidden to be to talked about, so it must be real... (Whoops. Haha) My friend told me that there was a church for something similar that had pictures of real aliens on the walls so the Government burned it down. However, they don't have to be hostile, do they? We are just minuscule living things that hardly change the WHOLE galaxy.

  • Life here, why not there.

    If we were to be formed in this Galaxy who is to say that there weren't any other living being's created in another Galaxy big or small we can't be the only living Organism's in the Galaxy, There are million's of Galaxy's with unknown stuff in them like for say if were were created here like this wouldn't you thing something similar would be in the next Galaxy?

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