Do you believe in predetermination as a Christian?

Asked by: Mysticc
  • Yes, I believe in predestination.

    Unless you're ripping pages out of your bible, the bible could not be more clear on the subject. Read romans 9 or ephesians 1. Ephesians 2 says that we were dead in our sin. How can someone who is dead make themselves alive? Only God can do this. There are many more verses to support predestination.

  • Do You Mean Predestination?

    If you do mean predestination, then yes of course. God predestines some to heaven and some to hell. He chooses them from before the beginning of time, not based on anything they do, but solely based on his sovereign pleasure. People are evil at their core (Ecclesiastes 7:20, Romans 3:10-12, references to men as "DEAD in their trespasses and sins" and "SLAVES to sin"), and thus don't deserve to go to heaven. When God shows mercy to them, it is a gift, not a reward for something deserved.

    Predestination has biblical support in things like Isaiah 37:26-27 and Ephesians 1. Also, there are traces of this in Jonah 2.

  • No, There Is A Thing Called Forgiveness...

    The entire idea of predestination undermines the most important factor concerning God: forgiveness. If you have sinned and you are truly sorry and ask God to forgive you, then he will because he is a kind God. Predestination believes that you cannot be forgiven for your sins and are destined to go to hell no matter what. God is love and part of love is forgiveness. I think part of what makes people believe in predestination is that they do not forgive themselves, conciously or unconsciously.

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