• Regrettably, Yes

    Psychics do exist. They contact those beings that are dead or demons. In the Bible, I psychic conjures up the spirit of the prophet Samuel for King Saul, and, later in the Bible, a demon possessed girl follows the apostle Paul telling him about his own life even though the had never met. She also could tell the future through this demon. Psychics exist, but I don't think they understand what they are doing themselves.

  • But I Would Need Some Solid Proof to Put All Trust In One

    I may listen to some simple predictions from a psychic, but I'm not about to go make life-changing decisions based on a psychic's predictions unless I really have solid proof that the person is a real deal. Given that bacteria radiate radiowaves and we have some good bacteria in our bodies who is to say that some people can't communicate with them in some way and through that gain information from the outside world? This is a hypothesis that science ought to explore.

  • I Know They Exist

    Psychic phenomenon is very real. People who are not studiers of the occult sciences wouldn't know, but I am and I do. There are many abilities that remain untapped by most people. More and more people are tapping these abilities, or developing a belief. This can be shown by all the popular psychic and paranormal television shows out now. Many are fakes, but some are real.

  • Not Worth the Time.

    Paying for someone who you think can tell you the future is silly. The future will always be uncertain and no one will be able to ever change that. It's a simple fact of life that should be left alone and not be toyed with. Nothing will ever change the fact that life is not predictable.

  • I am one!

    I have struggled for over 30 years, With psychic abilities, And tried to deny them, But no longer, I have come to terms with them and am embracing them instead, I did not ask for this ability, But I can no longer deny it, I have predicted, Fires, Deaths and I had the utmost feeling of dread for September 11, Months before it happened, I can not tell you how or why, But after meeting other people like me, It has been a godsend, To know I am not crazy and or alone, And there are a lot more psychics out there than people know, We just don't talk about it with anyone for fear of being ridiculed or committed!

  • It is likely

    You might get fake psychics- but odd occurences always happen. Do you ever dream something and have it happen the next day? The human is the most evolved of the creatures, because not only do we have instincts that help us survive, but we can override that primative brain. We can make our own decisions, we have language, tools, advanced technology. If you really think about it, that isn't nature, and yet you must remember that everything even the most unnatural of things are made up of atoms. There is soemthing else going on- why do humans have this?

  • Yes I believe, but some are better than others.

    I have friends who are readers and no need to deceive me.They have predicted things as though looking through a door into the future. One reader is an online friend my sister, she did a reading for me from France, whilst we were in Australia, she could see ne jumping and waving my arms around as I reacted to her precise description of a situation I was in, and we didnt have camera on computer.

  • Yes to an extent.

    I do not believe that the psychics are as glorified as they get portrayed, but I feel it is possible for some people to better understand others and get feelings about the situation. Like a dogs sense to know when there is danger, or hear something from far away. They pick on these emotions and feelings rather than actually talking with the dead or seeing our future.

  • More like I believe in their 'empathy'

    I guess after having consulted a few and having read some articles, I buy into the idea of an empath (not so much a psychic, I guess) who can get in touch with your 'jojo' as it were. The idea of of someone who implicitly knows the future though... Not so much.

  • Zero evidence for, lot's of evidence against

    It has been proven time and time again that psychics use very simple tricks to gain information and make very general statements that may appear to those looking for information even through cold reading. There has never been any evidence that they can talk to the dead or predict the future. None, EVER!
    James Randi Foundation offered $1 million to anyone who could prove scientifically that they had psychic abilities, no-one ever managed it.

  • Not a chance

    Why couldn't things like pearl harbor and 9-11 have been predicted? So many People could have.Been saved. All the kidnappings, why aren't those solved? I have a hard time believing someone couldn't see.All the terrible things that have happened to this country and they could've prevented it. For most psychics it's just a form of money

  • Psychics are NOT real

    I did my 7th grade speech on psychics, I believed in them at first, but my research says otherwise. Yes, we have all heard mind blowing stories, but can't the internet and contacts help? There are steps psychics can take in order to make an accurate reading. Don't pay hundreds of dollars to a fraud.

  • Are you serious?

    Of course not - if they did, why don't any of them reveal the winning numbers of the lottery? Besides, human beings do not possess telepathic apparatuses in terms of their neurological anatomy - it is impossible to "read the future" because the human body has no means of doing this.

  • Nope

    Let's ask a simple question: why have none of the many, many self-proclaimed psychics been able to capitalize on their ability, beyond simply fooling naive people into watching their television shows or reading their books? If they can see into they future why not play the lottery? If they can communicate with the dead, why not put that to work solving some of the great historical mysteries?

    I am not saying that I know with absolute conviction that psychics do not exist, but all of this certainly prevents me from believing that they are not full of it.

  • No, I Do Not See Any Evidence

    No, I do not believe in psychics. I have seen no proof to believe otherwise. If there were true psychics in the world, then there should not be any lost children, unsolved murders, or missing college students. Police departments would not have cold case files and doctors would be able to turn to psychics for help on stubborn cases. Psychics would surely use their powers to help mankind, but as I do not see any evidence of this happening, I have to conclude that there are no real psychics.

  • No supporting evidence

    James Randi is a psychic debunker. He has "contest" where he offers 1 million dollars for anybody who can demonstrate psychic ability under scientific conditions (control groups, monitoring, etc). No one has yet to win his contest. Time and again, psychics are proven to be scam artists taking advantage of gullible people.

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