• Why not belive

    If you don't believe it makes life boring. Being christian I have to believe in it but even if i wasn't i still think i would just to make life more enjoyable. It OK not to believe but if you think about it make your life more fun and just believe.

  • Bobsta lobsta popsta

    Life after Death does not exist God, along with life after death, is not real. I am not looking to cause offence or hurt, but I'm just going to say what I believe so I apologise for any offence taken in advance. If life after death was a true concept, God would be the cause of all this reincarnation etc. I believe God is merely a creation of human imagination and wandering minds. He was created to explain natural disasters and other things that the human race did not understand hundreds of years ago. People believe in God to take a weight off their minds, saying 'my life is in God's hands now' and ' We'll be alright, God is watching over us' etc. It is scientifically impossible for God to exist, and of course 'heaven' and 'hell'. If heaven and hell did exist, what would they be? Parallel universes? Different dimensions? And also, saying that it is not for mortals to know, is another way of saying that YOU don't know. I'm sorry, but there is NO evidence, NO proof, and NO reason to believe in Life after Death.

  • I do, actually.

    Keep in mind that the question is not "Is there proof for reincarnation". It's whether I believe in it or not, and I do believe in it. There have been cases of "proven" reincarnation, but those are debatable. Ian Stevenson has provided some so-called 'proof' that reincarnation is real [1], but many people are still skeptical. But I am entitled to believe what I believe, and I believe in reincarnation.


  • Perhaps it's out of desire, but... Yes, in a small part.

    I want to believe it is real. I sometimes feel a very strong connection to things I have no reason to. Things like crying nostalgic when I hear a gramophone play a certin song, or meeting someone I could trust from the first word without even a name, those things make me feel really connected to the past. I can't prove it, and in all other regards in a devote atheist... But there is something nawing at me that insists this must be true. Maybe wishful thinking, but what's the harm in it?

  • I know things that I didn't know before looking things up

    I remember being a young boy living in a village, I can even draw the street I lived on and a bridge over the river splitting the village in two, I have had many flash back's to ww2 I know bombing sites and my death in a aircraft that exploded, something I can check but some I cant Like looking into the boarded up site of a bombed out buildings that I didn't know had been bombed, Standing out side the front of my home with my sisters and parents as queen Victoria's coach came by ,so I truly believe in reincarnation

  • Life is a curse

    "You" will no longer exists after death but "you" will be reborn with no relation to your past self in another life on this treacherous world.

    I know this is really pessimistic, but realistically, you have to work all the time to keep living. And then what is your rewards? Death. And rebirth. And time to start all over again.

    So "you" cannot escape life. Death is temporary cure. One can only be cured through the noble eightfold path and enlightenment.

    That is my view of the world.

  • Only in the material sense.

    I do not see any rational basis for belief in the transmigration of souls, or the karmic cycle.

    On the other hand, I absolutely believe in the conservation of mass and energy.

    A cow eats grass, and that mass and energy of that grass is incorporated into the cow, and the bacteria and fungus that consume the undigested matter of the cow's feces.
    The cow, bacteria, and fungus are alive, therefore the matter that made up the grass (and is now part of the cow, bacteria, and fungus) is alive. This is functionally reincarnation.

    The cow is subsequently slaughtered, and I and other people (and bacteria and fungus and ) eat the cow, or parts of it. The matter and energy that constitute the cow are then incorporated into those that consume it. The cow (and the grass) are functionally reincarnated.

  • Well, i do believe.

    I don't know why i believe in it. I dont even know the reason. But sometimes, the "reincarnation" things make me wonder who i am before i am today. Am i a horse or duck or a president? We never know but if you ask me, i do believe it.

  • Dl dl dl

    I was raised catholic and went to C.C.D as a child, but even at that age I remember feeling something deep in my core that told me we never die, and never live. Creations no matter what it is never come from nothing. There's a bondage of life and energy that creates something. You have to take account of the fact that we are limited to our 5 senses. Our vision only lets us see a small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, for example. I believe our bodies are just a holding place for that energy and life. When circumstances are right , there is creation. But again that is just my opinion.

  • Reincarnation is real

    It's like the law of energy conservation. All the actions you take, The words you say and the thoughts you have will affect your current life and the next (karma). Provided you hit the wall there will be a reaction force from the wall. All your thoughts, Actions in life will become forces and energy reservation to your next life, Voila.

  • Based on my personal beliefs, I'd say no.

    I do believe in eternal life, but not necessarily reincarnation here on Earth. I'm Christian so I see Heaven as being the ultimate place you end up at for the rest of eternity. Although the evidence that I've heard in support of reincarnation is mostly people who claim to actually remember their past life. Kinda spooky to remember something like that. My mother believes in reincarnation but she believes that everytime we are reborn, we are a new species and we work our way up to the final species and that is Humans. So she believes that we've all been every other species already. She's a hypnosis, and she revealed one client to have remember a past life where they were a tree. But as for me, I'm Christian and so I don't really believe it personally but I know their are other religions that do.

  • Reincarnation does not exist..

    With that being said, I do believe their is an afterlife for the soul. Souls are unique and to think that they come back into this world as another human sounds counter-productive. It is said that their memories get erased when they get reincarnated but that is also false. Human conscience is intertwined with memory so the soul should be able to recall its reincarnation. Unfortunately, I have no evidence and this is purely my opinion. I like to include the law of conservation of energy into this, because it states energy cannot be created or destroyed. Energy is merely transferred, and I believe it is transferred into another higher frequency, or realm. That realm being heaven or some other form of afterlife.

  • Where is the evidence?

    In my opinion all it is, is just wishful thinking. People for centuries believed these things that would happen to them after they die. The reality of the matter is that we don't know. I would be surprised if someone confronted me and said " I was a citizen in Rome in my past life" or that " I was a bull frog living in some water in my past life". For all we know, when we die, it just turns black and there is nothing for you to experience. For me, it really makes no sense to believe in reincarnation or heaven just because it makes you feel better about death. At the end of the day, there is no evidence/data, only peoples' wishful beliefs.

  • Not really. Why ?

    Because it seems absurd to me as a logical and critical thinker. I do not believe in either eternal life, life after death or reincarnation on this planet. But this is just me and I do not disapprove of other opinions. It is good to believe and have faith sometimes. It gives you courage I guess

  • I believe this is the only life we get.

    It may sound disheartening to believe that once you're dead that's it, no more consciousness, no more existence. But the fact that we only have one life makes it that much more valuable, and worth living for the betterment of ourselves as well as others. If there is reincarnation however, I hope to be reincarnated into the past as a dinosaur. Die, be reincarnated as a bird. Die again, be reincarnated as a mammal. Die again, and be reincarnated as an ape like creature. Die again, and be reincarnated as Australopithecus. Die again, and be reincarnated as a Cro magnon. Die again, and be reincarnated as a homo-sapien. Die again, and be reincarnated as an early ancestor. Die again, and be reincarnated as myself. Die again, and be reincarnated into the past as a dinosaur.

  • HOW *can* reincarnation be possible?

    First of all - what exactly "reincarnates"? How do you even define the spirit? Is it the "essence" of who we are during a life-time - what we know, Think, Feel, Believe - unique to who we are? If that is the case, Then, When I die, And this "spirit" were to enter another body (assuming there was no spirit there previously), It would not be a "baby" but already an old spirit, And would theoretically impart to the new 'body' all the 'essence' it contained. The baby then, Would theoretically possess all the knowledge, Thoughts, Feelings and beliefs which I had. If that were the case, I should instantly, Immediately be aware that I was now suddenly trapped in a new, Infant body. . . . Ready to start life again.
    IF REINCARNATION really existed, It would mean that people everywhere would be able to say to their loved ones after death "Yes, My body died in that skiing accident but now I'm starting life again, As a baby in Japan. Come visit me soon! "
    What is even the point?
    And if say the soul is immortal and that we are all reincarnated souls (and we are about 8 billion now) -- where were the 8 billion souls 4, 000 years ago, When there were only 27 million people on the earth?
    It doesn't add up, Does it?

  • No evidence and life after death is impossible

    I get that some people might want to believe in it to make them happy about something you don't know but the fact is that there is no real assurance of the "afterlife". For example if you truly felt that there is afterlife then you wouldn't be mourning after someone's death as you will see them again. This may be reasonable to feel sad as you won't see them again until own death but at least you would know their alive somewhere. Most people are extremely depressed and some even cry their eyes out until someone helps them after the death of loved one. So what this shows is no one really believes that there is afterlife as it is so impossible for afterlife and can only seem like dream for one rather than reality.

  • Why would you want to be reincarnated?

    Reincarnation is such an evil thought. Why would anyone want to be reincarnated? So we can just keep reliving this painful life over and over? No, thank you. I'll stick to the catholic doctrine. Read "90 minutes in heaven", obviously not all part of the book are believable, but it's the principle.

  • Due to not been informed

    Due to not been taught as a child I strongly believe that a soul isn't passed on into another body. I am happy to say that I'd like to believe there are spirits but why would this freed spirit then take over another body. I dunno. It just doesn't make sense.

  • How can any Bible-believing person believe in reincarnation?

    The Bible clearly says that the soul that sinneth shall die. It also says that shall mortal man be more just than God? Meaning, man does not live forever, God does. There are so many scriptures that clearly state that man, his soul, does not live forever. Now a man may live again after death, if resurrected by God. But reincarnation as in dying and coming back as a different person or animal is, in my opinion, nonsense.

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