• Yes, I have personally witnessed and have video to back it up

    My house is haunted by a lady who passed away there. I have no doubt it is her. She has taunted us since we moved in and during the time we were remodeling.

    It stopped after we stopped remodeling until recently when I cut a 4" vent into a wall for an exhaust system for a Laser I was building.

    At 11PM one night after that, I heard a crashing noise from my shop. I went to investigate but did not enter and only looked in to see if a board I had set aside had fallen. It had not and I went on back to bed.

    The next morning I found an 11 pound plastic bin which has been on a shelf above my laser undisturbed for 2 years, sitting in the middle of my laser enclosure which is 2 1/2 feet from the edge of the shelf.

    Because I have 5 security cameras in place, one being in the shop, I
    went to check the footage and saw the bin landing in the middle of my laser enclosure and in the 2 minutes that followed, I saw ghost like swirls of light around the enclosure.

    In the days and weeks that followed, I have captured 3 more instances, usually around 3AM of the swirls of light in my shop which triggers the motion sensor on the camera. I have also gotten motion detected triggers in which there is nothing observable in the video.

    When I am in the shop working with the machine, I have had what feel like a spider web wrapping around my legs and arms, yet there is no spider web there and I cannot brush it off. It continues to cling to me until I leave the shop.

    Say what you will, but I for one am convinced I have a ghost that would like me out of the house or at least like for me to stop doing what I do.

    I also have experienced ghosts in another home that played with the lights, but that's another story for another time.

  • Fuck u ok

    Fuck u fuck spirits gd or bad i dnt give a shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let all the spirits fuck themselves who gives a fuck????????????????? Cmon! What if i got fucked by an evil spirit will u believe it??? Will u believe that I got pregnant from an evil spirit? I dont think so:)

  • I believe in spirits.

    I had a near death experience when I was 18 years old. Since then I've had many spiritual experiences. Now I see faces with my eyes closed and in the trees. I've been physically touched and pushed. Spirits are drawn to me. My house is filled with orbs. I am now seeing full bodied apparitions.

  • I would prefer word soul. And yes, both good and bad.

    I used to wake up in the middle of the night and I would hear weird footsteps walking towards my room, stopping in front of my rooms. I always had a feeling someone was looking at me but I was too scared to look at the doors. The scariest experience was when, one morning I was waking up from the dream and the first thing I saw was an old lady looking at me with crazy eyes while holding knife covered in blood. I closed my eyes and when I opened them again I saw her standing at my doors. I didn't tell that to anyone. The next night I felt some pressure on me (I had no pets at that time) like someone was trying to get on me. I opened my eyes and saw naked dead covered in blood body on me. I ignored it and covered myself with a blanket. After the pressure was gone I went to my moms room and I didn't go to my sleep for almost a year. My parents repainted my room and bought me new furniture. Also one time I saw a glowing man walking in my yard, and that date was exactly the year after one singer died, the singer we tried to invoke.

  • Personal Experiences.... .

    I'm not going to fully deecribe my personal experiences, because they are too disturbing to write down. But I have had more than 1 and I will say, it's still a bit hard to think about what happened......... It makes me far to uncomfortable, but let's just say it was my fault.

  • Experience is solid evidence for your own eyes. I've been in many different paranormal experiences, so I'll share my first.

    I was 7. I slept in the family living room. This happened 14 years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night. I usually approach my mom's room when this happens. As got up and turned to her room before i started walking. Something, white figured form of an elderly man glowing like the outer shell of a light bulb. He/it stares at me. I can't speak. The only thing my body allows me to do is grab my blanket and cover my eyes tight to shield from any fear. I peed myself to sleep.

  • I have had encounters all of my life!

    There is definitely something out there! I know there is something good and bad out there if it's an entity or a spirit there is something out there. I can tell you many instances I have come in contact with "spirits". First time I was laying down in my bed and 3 mornings in a row my small angel statues would fall on me. There was another time I lived in a quiet basement apartment and I went to lay down on my bed and 2 minutes later the bed moved and when I say it moved I mean It moved in a way as if a 700 pound man ran and violently crashed into the bed. That by far was the scariest situation. You better believe I bolted up the basement stairs scared for my life my heart pounded and I will never forget that day. Another time I was laying in bed, it was dark and it would only take minutes for this black shadowy figure to appear and come close to me. It happened two nights in a row. So tell me if spirits are not real what the heck crashed into my bed? What made the statues fall on me? And they were angel statues that kept falling on me.

  • Have Had Contact

    I have actually been touched by invisible hands as well as my girlfriend in a car, not house, car. My best friend came his fiance and I after he passed away at the same time by flashing colors at us in our minds eye. She was on the other side of town! My Grandfather who had passed aways years earlier, came to me one night like he was really trying to tell me something in my mind real strong, I finally mentioned it to my Grandmother who said old people say when that happens, their trying to tell you or warn you about something. The next day I found out the basement was flooded with four feet of water! Thats not all but I think thats enough to state my beliefe. Don't say you don't believe in these things if you have not actually expierenced these things.

  • Spirits Among Us

    I have often felt the presence of spirits. I have felt them touch me and have seen orbs. However, nothing is as convincing as the night I came face to face with an evil spirit. This spirit was of a demonic nature. He stood right in front of me, stared me down, walked across my room and gave me the most sinister grin before walking out the door. The very next morning, my sister, who was staying with me until her house was ready, came into my room the next morning and said, ”there was a demon in the house last nite.” She said the spirit had raped her. That was over 12 years ago. I sold the house a few years later and have never seen THAT spirit again.

  • Spirit is the source of Consciousness.

    It pervades the whole body, and uses the temporary material body as a temple or dwelling inhabitance. The location of the mind or consciousness is not located in any material gene of the brain. the location of the mind is a mystery to science, simply because the soul is immaterial.

  • Due to fearness

    Actually people think that there is some kind of spirits or ghost. NO I dnt think that there is any kind of such things. Once people is died we know that the person doesn't return back. Seeing is real but hearing is not always real, People mostly hear about such things which makes them sacred and that things get stuck on their mind which makes them to imagination. Fearness of such things make people to believe that there is spirits

  • If i see i will sure

    As a ghost is not a real thing because seeing is real hearing is not e always true after a sure evidence i will surely say there i s spirits videos can be graphics and can beleive to others so in my pinion no spirits,no ghosts is there supporting is

  • Give me scientific evidence and I will.

    That's all I really need to believe something. A few proof-read scientific papers accepted by many respected figures in the scientific community and a thorough explanation for all aspects of it and I might believe it.
    There isn't any of that so why should I bother believing in it and scaring myself?

  • People are just scared!

    My headline is that people are just scared because they imagine that spirits are real and they are not it is just the stupid people who think it is. For example he Charlie Charlie pencil game does'nt not work for me. Go to YouTube if you do believe and search SSundee Charlie Charlie challenge

  • Not enough evidence

    Aside from the excellent Bill Murray documentary, "Ghostbusters", there is no evidence for the existence of spirits. People who claim they exist have no idea what a spirit is or how it works. This is a terrible way to go about proving something is real. They use poor argument strategies, usually the personal experience one, without critically examining the claims they are making

  • No, I do not believe in spirits.

    No, I do not believe in spirits. I do not believe that spirits exist and never seen proof that they do so I do not believe that they are true. If I had proof of otherwise then I might change my mind about the whole thing. Until then, I do not believe in them.

  • Ridiculous

    It is ridiculous that people still have these superstitions about things. Are their senses misfiring so much as to produce hallucinations akin to bouts of schizophrenia? It is something that can and will be proposed as possible hypotheses in the near future as we continue to learn about the brain. And "I believe!" that as we learn more about the brain it will be shown that indeed these superstitions (religion included) are wired into the brain of ages past that are no longer needed for the future.

  • Spirits are a figment of peoples imagination

    I do not believe in spirits. Spirits are not made up of a material matter. There are many explanations as to what some call a spirit. These could be fog or an odd way a light is reflecting. There is no physical or scientific evidence that spirits are real. They are a figment of peoples imagination.

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