• Yes I do

    Yes I believe that students should have more rights in public schools because they deserve it ok and they should have to allow more rights in public schools for students too by the way if you did not know that as well ok ok ok ok ok bye bye 👋

  • Yes they should

    I think that students should have rights in public schools I think you meant not say should students have rights in public schools and yeah I think that students should have rights in public schools ok ok ok ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok bye bye

  • Yes, students should have rights in public schools.

    Students should have rights in public schools. The obvious rights to life and freedom from cruel punishments should prove the point sufficiently. More interesting debate can be had over the extent to which students should enjoy the right to freedom of speech. This is usually where students rights are curtailed in the interest of maintaining order and preserving other students' ability to be taught without distraction.

  • Yes, I believe in students rights in public schools.

    I believe that once you enter a school you should have the same rights as before you entered the schools, I think everyone should have sufficient rights and be treated with respect, I don't believe we should ever take anyone some ones rights in any situation and that includes people in school.

  • No, I do not.

    A public school is a place to get brainwashed into going along with they system. Those students who do not mesh will be punished. Brainwashed or not we need people who will fit in with society because it is the way it is. They shoudl have no rights other than what the state will allow them.

  • They have the right to be taught and learn

    The only rights that a student has is the right to be taught sufficient and relevant material and the right to learn that material. We, as Americans, go very wrong in instilling in a child's head that they no what's best for themselves. We have started letting our children raise themselves and this is not acceptable. Students go to school to learn and be taught everything else is optional.

  • Not really, they need limits.

    I believe that students have the rights to be treated with dignity and respect, provided they treat each other and faculty with same. That's about the extent of it. Children are, to be most kind about it, largely idiots. They need to have harsh limits and boundaries set for them, otherwise they'll kill themselves through sheer stupidity.

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