Do you believe in the ability to "soul travel" as taught by the New Age movement of Eckankar?

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  • No Evidence Supports the Assertion that Dreams Reflect the Soul's Activity

    As elaborate as Eckankar's techniques of soul travel may seem, they can be viewed as nothing more than an exercise that stimulates the imagination and induces lucid dreaming. There is no evidence to support that the subjective experiences undergone by Eckankar's soul travelers represent any objective experience that the soul might enjoy. Psychological factors can explain all of the phenomena described by Eckankar soul travelers.

  • Soul Travelers are grounded due to poor weather

    Eckankar believes that a soul can travel beyond the body and have full experiences without a physical form. The limitations of such travel are that no impact can be made on the physical world. Hearing, reading, and comprehending what is seen when soul traveling is very limited as well. So what we have to state as evidence of the soul traveling is the person's explanation of the sensation or stating familiar places. No real evidence is collected that this works.

  • Our souls are from God.

    No, I do not believe in the ability to soul travel as taught by the New Age movement of Eckankar, because the soul is part of God's creation, and he is clear with what happens to it. The soul is at God's mercy, and is a part of us here on earth, but there is a great divide that separates us from earth after we die.

  • I do not

    No, as a college biology student, I believe the science proof about humans, and do not believe things such as soul travel. Things like this are just part of peoples faith and religion, and while I do not judge people for believing these things, I look more at the science facts.

  • Eckankar beliefs do not combine with Christian beliefs

    I do not believe in the ability to "soul travel" as taught by the New Age movement of Eckankar. I believe in the traditional Christian belief of the soul going to heaven if repentance was sought upon earth. Jesus died so that we could be forgiven and have our souls be in heaven for eternity.

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