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  • Because Science and Logic

    The theory makes sense and the logic makes sense. When going back that long, we don't know too much. If the professional scientists say that it makes sense and that it's the best theory they can come up with, than there's no real reason to doubt it. I could look up the science, and give you a number of facts and theories, but you can do that for yourself if you want :)
    Also, if you're Christian and believe the Earth was created in 7 days, that's a relative amount of time. If the sun didn't exist, 7 days could be 7 million or 7 billion years for us, but be only 7 days for God.

  • Yes, I believe in the Big Bang Theory.

    Yes, I believe in the Big Bang Theory. I am not a religious person, but was raised in a Christian household. At a young age I began to question the teachings of the Christian religion, but was never given answers that I found to be satisfactory. Once I was able to start learning more about science, and when I met my husband who has extensive knowledge of both religion and science, I was able to confidently begin to say that I belive in science/evolution/Big Bang Theory.

  • Big Bang Theory supported by science

    The Big Bang Theory is supported by science. It is the leading explanation for how the universe started. Although much of our understanding comes from mathematical theory, astronomers can see
    the "echo" of the expansion through a phenomenon known as the cosmic microwave background. Scientists have traced the earliest light.

  • Big Bang Creates Earth and Life

    I believe that the Big Bang Theory is referenced in the creation story found in the Bible. The Bible tells of a creation story the just begins, in a similar way to the Big Bang Theory. The following creation takes place over seven days, which is an allegory for the millions of years of evolution that scientists have discovered.

  • If Neil DeGrasse Tyson says so

    The absolute beauty to this argument is that you can never convince a theologian of anything that they don't want to believe or that does not conform to their belief set. The depth of the universe and the mathematical certainty established by ever growing scientific knowledge point irrefutably to a cosmic event forming the world as we know it.

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  • Big Bang is the start of this universe

    The Big Bang theory has the best description of the birth of our universe, but remember, all the theories we thinks are right could be wrong, its just the best description of the thing we want to describe. So in the future, the Big Bang theory might be wrong, but at least now, its the rightest theory we've got.

  • There is a creator

    If you look at a building, you will say there must have been a builder,
    if you look at a painting, you will say there must have been a painter, same way if you look at creation, then there must have been a creator

    big bang states also there was nothing, then nothing exploded, then nothing became something and something became everything. If you look at something as small as an atom, it is many times more complicated that the international space station. It takes intelligent design to build the space station, yet the big bang states that the atom came into existence by accident.
    The big bang theory is much more of a belief than a science. Science is described as an intellectual study through experiments and observations. Why have we not observed some of the big bang theory claims such as evolution? It states it takes million of years, but I'm sure by now we ought to have seen one, but we haven't. Its so much easier to believe that there was a creator than believe that everything came from a rock. I believe in adaptation, animals producing after their own kind, but evolution where a reptile becomes a bird is just a belief

    i love science but to call something like the big bang a science is just not real. Something that completely goes against science, like the conservation of angular momentum, or the fact that energy can' be crated or destroyed or many other science laws

  • Ok, just, no.

    Im going to start right out, the universe NEEDS a beginning. There MUST be a start, due to the fact that the universe is slowly losing energy. Meaning, that if the universe were to go on forever in the past, then by now, we would be out of energy. So my first question is, where did the universe come from? (and i expect that you will ask, where did God come from? Well, in short, i don't know, but ill be sure to ask him when i get to heaven!)

    Second question. Where did life come from? I'm not talking about common ancestor, I'm talking about LIFE. According to you, there needed to be something dead that came to life. Even in a controlled environment, even in a LAB, scientists haven't been able to make artificial LIFE.

    Yes, yes i know i hit the two hardest points on evolution, but, well, I HAVE A LOT MORE!!!! So, please, take your time.

  • All this by chance? Doubt it.

    There is no way in heck I can sit here and believe that all of this- the universe, Earth (and other planets), and life on Earth- came about by a mere explosion and by chance that it all came together and worked somehow. No way. Everything is so delicate, detailed, and extravagant. Look at the human body for example and its anatomy. Down to each single celled organism that all comes together to make you, you. There's no way that all this could come by to me by the big bang theory, and evolution, and natural selection. I believe we and everything around us were created.

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