• It all comes down to leadership.

    Xi Jinping has 10 years to accomplish the rotation of the economy away from exports and investments to consumption. Doing this requires strength and tenacity. The Anti-Corruption campaign has helped Xi consolidate the power necessary for reforms. Based upon the newspaper headlines reforms are arriving at a consistent and impressive pace.

  • Dream Versus Socialism

    In 2013, the "Chinese Dream" includes prosperity for the nation while embracing socialist values. If the Chinese Dream succeeds, it will be a rarity in the modern world for a socialist/communist nation with such a large population. The Chinese Dream may be attainable, but socialist ideals may have to be left behind. Prosperity is the dream of a free market, not necessarily socialism where the state owns everything.

  • I Don't Believe In The Chinese Dream

    I have a feeling that the Chinese are in a state that the American's have been in, in the past. The American Dream had promise, but it has been lost to greed that has taken over around the world. While the Chinese may dream of buying and having as we have had in the past, it is simply a mirage and unsustainable.

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