Do you believe in the concept of intellectual property?

  • Don't Question Intellectual Property

    Nobody should question the validity of intellectual property. If a person creates a work of fiction or non-fiction themselves, then they are entitled to ownership over their piece. Anyone that creates a similar work after that should not have claim over the property, especially if the differences are minute at best.

  • It make sense

    The concept of intellectual property does make sense but it is hard to truly prove and legislate. If you came up with the idea then you should be given credit and monetary reimbursement for the good idea, but it is hard to say you were the first one who came up with it.

  • To a degree

    Intellectual property is a real thing that people deserve, but the current laws are absurd and in serious need of revision. People should be rewarded for their work and for their genius - this is true. However, the extent to which patents or copyrights are issued are wide reaching and life long.

  • Yes I do.

    I believe in the concept of intellectual property because if someone came up with the idea and that idea gets stolen the person who stole is now making money off something they could not have normally of come up with and that is not right or fair. Peoples ideas need to be protected.

  • Intellectual Property Is Real

    I believe the concept of intellectual property is real, especially in cases when we are talking about new ideas, methods, technology, writing, art, and many other topics. I believe after a while, the most prolific inventions, such as the wheel, pass into common knowledge after a given amount of time. But when you consider something like a manuscript or a book, those items should also be credited to their original creator who owns that intellectual property and should be credited with such. I believe when considering intellectual property it is also important to understand the important aspects of public domain as well.

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