• Get rid of them. They're no good to society if they live.

    I'm watching a programme right now about 3 things (I can't call them men because they're not) who are on death row in Texas. The crimes they have committed are atrocious, each one worse than the other. They are the most pathetic creatures I have ever seen trying to argue a case on why they should still be allowed to breath the same air a decent person does. They moan about being de humanised in the conditions they have lived in since being incarcerated and how they are treated like animals. I wouldn't call them animals. That's insulting to the animal kingdom! But not once have any of them shown any remorse or have apologised for what they have done and the crimes were atrocious and disgusting. I say let them die. Why should we keep vile creatures like that alive, keeping them warm and fed 3 times a day with a roof over their heads. I just wish the death penalty wasn't so humane and they suffered until their very last breath. They have no right to live and breath the same air as good decent people. So in my opinion I would like to say kill the lot of them. I wish I could be there and watch the scum die! End of.

  • Commandment of God-Makes sense...

    Capital punishment has been a part of human society since time immemorial. It is also important from an evolutionary prespective and religious perspective.You cannot have soft heart towards a rapist and a murderer. People talk about capital punishment being violent and i disagree with it under the light of fair judgement if the crime is proven without an iota of doubt, capital punishment must be implemented. People who say capital punishment is violent, what if your wife, mother, sister or friend is raped, tortured and murder. Would you let go the culprit by giving him imprisonment and what if he is strong and after punishment gets a way out... These are just double standards..FEW CRIMES ARE UNFORGIVABLE AND DESERVE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT... Scriptures talk about capital punishment so let not even debate about it.

  • They sound be put to death.

    We are wasting our money on criminals who don't deserve to be alive. They made the choice to kill an incident human causing there family pain. Why should we keep people like this in person when all they are going to get is a free place to shower, eat and sleep. That is not fair and that also causes the family not to have closure.

  • I believe in Death Penalty!!!

    Murders shouldn't be kept in prisons with food, water, and shelter. Parts of our taxes go to the prisons to pay for these basic needs. Imagine the next time buying a lamp or something, you have to pay extra for the needs of criminals! What’s also really shocking is that criminals get these basic needs handed to them on a silver platter, while there are people in poverty on the other side of the world that can’t meet these needs. We take care of criminals better that we take care of people on the other side of the earth. Murderers should be punished for their acts instead of getting the easy way out.

  • Execution should be a punishment.

    I think people should have that fear that capital punishment does exist. That way they would think twice about committing a murder. I think life in prison is a slap to the wrist. They get three meals a day. They have a place to sleep. And shower everyday. While people out there are starving and don't get that type of treatment. I dislike the fact that part of my and other good citizens are paying part of their hard earned taxes to have these murderers living well. I would feel better if they executed someone that caused harm to my family members.

  • People who commit heinous crimes should be executed!

    Statistics shows that people who commit heinous crimes will most certainly reoffend again. The death penalty upholds justice and keep society safe. It sends a strong message to criminals that crime does not pay. It hold people accountable for their actions and also decreases growing prison population and tax payers money.

  • Repeat Murderers Should Be Executed

    Persons found guilty of repeated instances of murder should face execution. Having committed multiple occurances of homicide would eliminate the chance that a habitual offender would be innocent. And certainly a serial killer's execution could be justified morally and in the eyes of many religious belief systems by being self-defence.

  • We should have the death penalty, but...

    Innocent people might get executed. Someone should only get the death penalty if they are found guilty without reasonable doubt. If they are convicted under circumstantial evidence then they should get life, if there are witnesses and credible evidence (pictures, video,person seen at crime scene) they should get death. The Death penalty is intimidating more importantly it keeps murderers from killing other people/ inmates. It is common for prisoners to get raped/killed by other inmates. If these criminals are dead, they can't hurt or kill anyone (who could be innocent),

  • Death Penalty brings justice

    I believe in the death penalty because if you get the death sentence you are already horrible and deserve the sentence. Even if the person is a child he must pay for the crimes he has done. I am tired of people letting people get lighter sentence to people who refuse to repent!!

  • Since they commit murder then they should be killed the same way!

    When you kill someone you commit murder, I I think that since you killed someone then you should be killed too! It's like what comes around get around if you do something bad, then it will kick you in the back! So that is why I think that if you murder someone then you deserve the death penalty!

  • I don't believe in death row

    Where do we get the right to take someone's life, We do t know what brought them to d place where they were when they committed the crime. They are probably there for murder so we should be there too if we murder them. If u murder a murderer the amount of murderers remains the same. I believe in karma, And I think we should put them to prison and let karma take care of it. We have no right to take lives because we do t m ow if they have been through something terrible as a child or if the cop they killed raped their daughter. We shouldn't judge.

  • I don’t support the death penalty

    I don’t like death penalty no matter how horrible crimes he admitted, Simply because we can’t bring back the life of the deaths and everbody makes a mistakes. I believe everyone can change and there’s something good in each one of us. Some might commit crime because of the environment or. By how they got treated.
    BUT, If the muderer choose to get death penalty then that wish should granted.

  • How dare you

    How do you think that you have the right to decide rather someone else should live or not? You decide to punish murderers by murdering them. How the heck is that justice? You’re wrong, just as much as they are. Every life is important. I believe each and every one of us were put on this earth for a reason. Killing is NOT okay, no matter how much your try to justify yourselves. Think about the 10 commandments. Thou shalt not kill. I don’t support the death penalty at all. It just doesn’t feel right. It never will.

  • I Disagree With the Death Penalty

    The death penalty is a waste of time and money. The U.S. normally spends about 1.2 million dollars to execute someone on death row. And guess where that money comes from. Us, it comes straight out of our taxes. So while you work hard and earn the money you need to live, people are taxing us and spending the money to kill someone. If people were humane (in my opinion) and voted to abolish the death penalty completely, Then us taxpayers would have more money in our wallets. If you disagree i'm fine, I cant hold anyone against their own beliefs.

  • Absolutely not in support

    You guys have a good fact they're not going to be anything in society but that is your money that is supporting the death penalty. In California there are 714 people on death row and these inmates cost about $90,000 each to maintain, people who are sentenced to death mainly aren't even killed.

  • There shouldn't be such a thing

    There should not be this all it doe is encourage us to kill more people and that is bad so someone should get rid of it sop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop stop now now now now nwo now now now now nown now now now now now!

  • We are all animals.

    Human beings are a species on this planet just like any other. I agree that there is people in society that do not deserve to live with the rest of us but it is ridiculous to go against the laws of nature. We all have a right to live and by taking away someones right to live you are no better than those who originally committed the act of murder. As humans we must recognize that we make mistakes, and even mistakes that can't be repaired do not justify removing the life from another living being. I'm an Atheist so I unlike many others cannot provide a religious point of view but in terms of logic and reason it is more expensive to murder a person than to have them in prison for life. If you have no compassion for your fellow man, even one that has wronged you deeply, at least consider the economic impacts of the act you will attempt.

  • I don't believe in the death penalty; I do believe in death row.

    Generally, I don't think the death penalty is a good thing. Errors happen, mistakes aren't unheard of, and death is irreversable. However, perps of damage to children, porn, sex abuse, prostituting kids; rape, murder, etc don't deserve anything but very basic comfort. Nutritious food, warmth, clean beds and clothes. Beyond that? Nothing. In the most aggredious cases, I'm not even sure about that.

  • It actually costs more to sentence them to death than to keep them alive

    "Cases without the death penalty cost $740,000, while cases where the death penalty is sought cost $1.26 million. Maintaining each death row prisoner costs taxpayers $90,000 more per year than a prisoner in general population. There are 714 inmates on California's death row."
    I pulled this off of deathpenaltyinfo.Org in case anyone wanted to look at it.

  • Cases of innocence

    On some occasions , there have been people killed from the death penalty, then it's found that they are innocent. Secondly, how can you justify murdering someone who's murdered, isn't that the law system going to the same level as these criminals who have been put on death row? Bruh

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