• Well it is the governments job to make sure you have water.

    Okay, see this is why government exists, and why water right laws are so strict. Because when it doesn't rain, or snow in the mountains the reservoirs start to deplete. Water laws protect underground water tables and other water resources that at all other times are illegal to be used, unless of an emergency i.e. a drought. If people were allowed to just use the water resources present in their area because it is cheap and convenient when it was gone and the rain and snow melt reservoirs dried up you would be in a literal drought with no water. Also local government can buy water from cities around them, or (in California) from the California State Water Project. Which is the only reason LA exists, because water from the Sierra Nevada mountains up by Tahoe. Is pumped down the Central Valley all the way to the LA Basin. It also is used to water all the agricultural crops in the Central Valley. So technically Southern California and the central Valley is in a Drought, Northern California would probably be decent with the snow melt they still have, however because so much is already being sent to southern California it is causing a state wide "drought". The State governments make a lot of laws and invest a lot of money into making sure there will never be a real drought because then they wouldn't be doing their job of making sure the taxpayers well being is being looked after. Drought declarations are just to let everyone know that local governments are going to have to start buying water now and not to be a d**k and use tons of water.

  • There is something fishy here.

    If there really was a drought in California, Nevada, Oregon, Australia, etc, why is there still tap water? Don't you think the government would be forcing people to go out and buy large bottles of water under rationing systems?

    I live in a region that is supposedly under an "exceptional drought", whatever that is, and I still get tap water. They don't even reduce the pressure! It's as if they don't care about idiots who leave the tap water on all day.

    If there really was a drought, agriculture would have to be moved to the east coast. If there really was a drought, all major industries would have to close down. If there really was a drought, all Californian water companies would have to close down. Arrowhead is still up and running.

    THERE IS NO DROUGHT! It's a scam!

  • Se de so

    Several weeks, months, or even years may pass before people know that a drought is occurring. The end of a drought can occur as gradually as it began. Dry periods can last for 10 years or more. During the 1930's, most of the United States was much drier than normal.Dec 2, 2016

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