• It's part of my religion

    The Epiphany is a tenet of my religion, so I believe it in. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that the Magi found him and presented him with gifts. I believe that he was born to the Virgin Mary and that God sent the Magi to find him. I do realize, that there are many other faiths, and that not everyone believes as I do.

  • The Epiphany is Real

    Yes, I believe in the Epiphany because I was raised Catholic. That being said, who's to say whether it was a real phenomena or not? All we have is our belief and our faith. And I would hate to be the one who didn't believe in it only to find out that it was a real happening. Then what?

  • I believe in Jesus

    Though I don't typically celebrate Three Kings day, I do believe that the three wise men came to visit Jesus. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God and I believe that His birth should be celebrated. The gifts that were brought to Jesus play an important role in teaching children about why we receive and give gifts on Christmas day.

  • I do not

    I am an atheist. I dont believe in god or that for example Maria, mother of Jesus could get pregnant without body contact and give birth to a miraculous baby who will die in 40 years and rise 7 days after his death... But everyone has their own opinion, this is mine.

  • Seems sadistic to me, really.

    I mean, Christianity is basically the concept of worshiping a man who was brutally killed by crucifixion in order to save man from his sins. I think that's called human sacrifice... It seems no different than other superstitious beliefs that involve tremendous human cost in order to satisfy an eternal goal. Sort of like the Aztecs with their sacrificing except they only had one.

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