Do you believe in the Genesis account of creation?

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  • Some reasoned arguments in favor of the Genesis account

    If one allows for some limitations of detail to a document that is ment to provide humanity with a general explanation of the origins of life that would be acceptable to the generations of old and yet withstand the scrutiny of our ever increasing understandings and discoveries, then I say yes.
    To begin with I accept the arguments of the gap theory as a means of explaining the geological record as well as some of the misconceptions attributed to the early verses of the creation epic. I also find that the absence of mention of the Mesozoic Era is a reasonable exclusion of information as the majority of our ancestors would have found it to be fanciful.
    Beginning with verse two I find an adequate description of a world in the midst of an ice age as the result of solar occlusion. The days of creation that follow are in my opinion better understood as interventions in the natural processes of renewal that the earth would have gone through after some cataclysmic event that left the world in chaos and darkness.
    First the debris is filtered from the air exposing the earth to the light and heat of the sun, then to expedite the great thaw a second and third intervention are mentioned to first separate the water vapor and then the liquid water from the ice.
    Because our ancestors were dependent on the sun, stars and moon to determine the times and seasons most creation epics tell of how the gods created, ordered and gave permanence to the movements of the heavenly bodies to provide a celestial calendar as well as tell the tale of their heroism. In the Biblical account a summary statement (vs 16) of Gods previous creations of the sun, moon and stars is provided within the new context of the verse which has to do with the ordering of their orbits but unlike the other creation epics there is no mention of a heroic victory over the forces of chaos.
    The order of the creation of the vegetative and animal kingdoms aligns well with the order provided in Darwin’s theory only in the Biblical epic the god takes responsibility for overcoming the obstacles to speciation that Darwin theorists still struggle to explain.

  • It was written like that so as people at the time could comprehend it

    I'm not saying emphatically that it didn't happen exactly as Genesis explains it, cuz neither you or I was there, altho since there are many metaphors & allegories in the bible, I think this was one of them. Yep, God created the universe & all that, some 13 billion years ago with the Big Bang. What would the ancient people think of that if it was written to reflect that? Was there an fruit tree that Eve ate from? Possibly, altho it was more likely some other event of disobedience that God didn't like. Ya gotta know that all scientists do not know how the Big Bang could have happened with regards to all the minute parameters that had to coincide with each other for this universe & earth to be as it is. The six day creation thing was for our metaphorical explanation, & it explains it all in that manner.

  • God created the world!

    The world didn't just hop into existence by a crash of meteors. Everything has a purpose and the world wasn't an accident. It was supposed to be here and it will be here until Jesus comes down to earth and saves us. There will be a tribulation and the world will come to an end. If you choose not to believe, that's on you.

  • Genesis 1: 3

    " And God said, Let there be light: and there was light."
    Just this one passage has all kinds of issues.
    -Who was God talking to?
    -"Let there be light." Indicates that God is telling someone to allow light to exist.
    -How would light exist without a light source? After all, it claims that light existed on the first day but the sun and stars were not created until day four.

    This is not the only passage that has major logical issues. It is clear that the earth and the rest of the universe were not formed in this way. I can only think of two reasons why such errors could be made.
    Obviously, man would not be around on the first days so would not be able to witness those events. Either he was told by God what happened or he made assumptions based on his primitive knowledge. Because it contains quotes of God this would indicate it was dictated as one could not make clear assumption of what or how god may have said. Seeing that God would be wrong in his description would make it clear he had no idea how it was created so lied in order to take the credit. Because so many things have been proven false, Many religious scholars have stated that it (Genesis) was composed by making the best guesses as to how their god created everything or that it was simply meant as a story.
    This means that either God lied to take the credit for something he never did, or that early believers in god made false claims of what their god did. In either case, the account of creation in Genesis is pure fiction written by man or God.

  • Only an idiot would.

    For one it doesn't even make sense and two it contradicts many things that we've found out about the universe, origin of life, evolution and so on. There is literally no evidence to suggest that the accounts of creation in the bible is actually true. Anyone who does believe in it is a moron cause even a lot of Christians don't take it in the literal sense.

  • No, I don't take the bible literally.

    It just doesn't make sense that way. Science has already got the answer, to continue this is just making a mockery of Christianity. No wonder some look down on us.

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  • In neither sense.

    Literally, no. The world just didn't come to be this way.

    Metaphorically, no as well. There's no way it happened as Genesis described it.

    It's an oversimplified story, no different than the ancient tales told by Egyptians, Romans, or Greeks about how the world came to be. Personally, I find it less entertaining than those though.

    Either way, no I don't think Genesis describes a believable "truth."

  • Not in the literal sense

    According to those who interpret the Bible literally, the Earth is only thousands of years old and was created by God in six days. That doesn't make much sense; if Earth is only thousands of years old and not billions, then the dinosaurs would not be extinct. According to Creationist Christians, they traveled on Noah's Ark.

  • Even if God did exist, no.

    Even if God exists (which I am near certain He doesn't) the account of Genesis is probably very flawed. If God exists, He would be far beyond our comprehension, let alone the comprehension of those around 10,000 - 6,000 years ago. If something like that ever occurred, God would have to simplify it huge amounts for our puny human brains (imagine trying to explain evolution and the Big Bang to a caveman), and therefor the story of what happened would be corrupt at the beginning, and throughout the ages of man, it would be being corrupted even more through mis-translations and other similar errors. If Genesis ever even happened, it would probably be largely different to the account in the Book of Genesis in the Bible.

  • Evolution by Natural Selection is the only correct one here

    We evolved over millions of years. The rest of the living things here on this Earth evolved. All life in the universe has/will evolved over millions of years. Evolution is a fact, but Creationism is a fairy tail made by goat herders who had no idea of the facts we know today as a scientific and true society. People who believe in such fairy tales hinder advancement as a whole.

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