• Einstein thought Energy equals Mass times the Speed of Light Squared

    And that was an incredibly powerful thought. Many more thoughts were communicated and put into effect or use with a net result of work being accomplished.
    However, can a thought perform the supernatural? That is a totally different question which is answered by the framing of the question. The word supernatural defies natural application at it's very base.

  • Thoughts are a consequence of having a Conscious Brain, Thoughts do not Shape nor Change anything external to Ourselves:

    We are conscious, therefore we think: Though most of what we think, are our own Illusions.
    The old incorrect saying: We Think, Therefore We Are, is misconstrued badly, because it leaves some believing in a greater consciousness (universal consciousness) controlling people's thoughts and creating reality. The following points need mention.
    > Reality Existed Prior To Consciousness: As consciousness is an evolved trait from evolutionary processes.
    > Consciousness Creates Illusions About Reality: We never really perceive reality as it actually is, we perceive it in relation to us and our frame of reference, where needs and egotism play a role in distorting our view of reality.
    > The perception that we change things with how we think is itself an illusion, based on these misconception of reality and egotism. It is egotism to consider that human thoughts can affect reality, though, for some, they suffer delusions of grandeur (megalomania) and believe that they are influencing reality with their minds. It's the same delusion that likely created religion in the first place.

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