• You can argue about the reason, but statistically, women make less than men for the same work.

    It exists. One key way to combat the wage gap is greater salary transparency and requiring employers to prove that wage differences are based on factors other than gender. Jennifer Lawrence's essay about Hollywood's wage gap illustrates what a difference salary transparency can make in the ability for a woman to negotiate a fair salary. And if an employer can demonstrate that his pay decisions are based on different jobs, lesser hours by one person, then they won't have a problem. Compare what Amy Adams got for Hollywood Hustle with what Bradley Cooper got and then make the argument that well, she works less hours. Women's roles aren't that important in Hollywood movies compared to men's. Cooper is just better trained and while Amy might have technically been a bigger star at the time, Cooper's an up and comer, so he deserved more. The arguments fall flat for me. But clearly, there are instances where a specific man deserves more than a specific woman in a specific job. And if an employer can show legitimate non-gender reasons for paying the man more, so be it.

  • It is complicated, but it is real

    Studies have repeatedly shown that in large companies women with roughly the same experience, education and work load are paid less than their male counter parts.

    It is true that, statistically speaking, women are more likely to enter lower pay professions, work fewer hours, and take more time off for child raising. Also, the exact amount of the wage gap is uncertain. However, statistically speaking it is clear that women are paid less for the same work.

  • Of course it's real.

    The wage gap between a man and a woman in the same work field is ridiculous. Why would a woman make around 25% less than a man just because of her gender? Also why should women be punished for starting a family? Most people say women and men work different amounts of hours per year. Assuming the reason women do not work as many hours is because of maternity leave. But what about the women who don't want children and are working the same or even more hours than a man? Why would they be punished by receiving less when they are working more?

  • Are we talking between men and women?

    Because if so, then women statistically make a little more when compared with the amount of services they provide. Women also have a higher rate of graduating college as well as have a higher rate of overall college degrees presently. Women who work the same salaried jobs as men and make the same amount of money, actually make a little more if you think about it. Maternity leave inserts a statistical gap that shows that even though men are at the workplace more hours than women, they are getting the same amount of money for a smaller amount of time. Watch Ben Shapiro's clips titled "Women are winning the war on women." He cites several facts and makes good observations.

  • Not just a gender issue

    I don't think the wage gap is just an issue of gender. There is also the very real wealth gap between the 1% and the poor in this country. Both the wage gap between men and women and the 1% and the rest of the country are very real issues that need to be dealt with.

  • My personal experience

    My mother is in her mid thirties and has been working at the same corporation for the past ten years. At this job they produce pvc pipe and she works on the shift packing the 18 wheelers, And moving product on the forklife, Etc. Not only do the surrounding men insist that she does more than them, But she also gets paid less than them all. Side note: there are new workers on her crew who have been there for said months and they already make more than she does (they have no degrees, No past experience, They are younger than her, She is just as capable physically as she already does the same lifting as them). It is not fair. And this does exist.

  • This isn't a debate.

    On average, a man makes $1 for every 80 cents a white woman earns, with black and Latina women earning even less (60 cents, 54 cents). You can argue that the wage gap is acceptable, but it is completely untrue to state that men and women are paid equal amounts- whether you believe the wage gap is valid or not, it definitely exists. Some people are arguing that most women work at lower positions, so obviously they're paid less, but it's been proven that women working the SAME JOB as men still earn less.

  • The wage gap is not an issue over getting the same pay for the same job, for the same hours.

    The whole issue over the gender pay gaps relates to how much women get paid in relation to men, in terms of a whole company and therefore whilst it is true it is a lot more uncommon nowadays for men and women to be paid differently for doing the same job, the issue remains that women are not being employed in senior positions that there male counterparts get hired for. Thus, the gender pay gap does very much still exist and rather the pay INEQUALITY that many people are arguing over is what is lessening more so.

  • It has been heavily misrepresented.

    They always say that women are paid 75 cents on the dollar, but when you actually do the research it actually isn't true.
    1) Men work more hours than women do.
    2) Women take jobs that pay less in general. Jobs like engineering are mostly taken by men. The reason for this is because women focus on jobs that they will enjoy (teaching, social workers, counselors, etc.) and men focus on jobs that will pay more.
    3) Women take degrees that pay less then men too.
    4) There are also a million other factors that contribute to this: how long you've worked for the company, hours, how much they usually pay workers, languages spoken, skills, experience, time off, maternity leave, etc., etc., etc.

  • I typed this all but it was erased somehow so :(

    Hi, This is my SECOND time typing this, I'm going to ATTEMPT to be more grammatically correct. Now my facts.
    1. If companies could get away with paying women less, Then WHY would they hire MEN. Now you might say "To cover up their misogyny" (I think that's the right term) and to that I say: BULL- that assumption is incorrect, Because if it is true, We know. With that statement onto my 2nd and final point.
    2. If it exists (which I must stress I don't think it is) then why haven't governments said "HEY BOSSES, GET ONTO THAT NOW OR YOUR. . . Uhh, Shut down" oh wait THEY DID https://en. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Equal_Pay_Act_1970 (note this might be false I am an idiot :D)

  • Simply put. It is a misinterpretation.

    The wage gap is a very large misinterpretation. The idea of "77 cents to a dollar" is built off an average of gender salaries, Which debunks the myth almost immediately. It is not a matter of women getting paid less for the same job, It is a matter of men and women working in different jobs and positions, And payment being distributed differently between said jobs and positions. One can argue that this is because women are not in higher roles in their jobs and are discriminated against, But this is incorrect, There's no evidence to support the fact that women are discriminated against in corporate boards and higher-up positions, Especially considering how many women are in these positions. In conclusion, The wage gap is a misleading idea, That is the result of a misunderstanding of an analysis of salaries and career distribution between men and women.

  • The Government and statistics

    In 1963, the US Government passed an amendment to prohibit the unequal pay based solely on gender. There can be other factors such as hours worked, overtime, and time taken off. Women have time off for maternity leave if they have a child, and I do believe that it should be payed the same as if they were at work. Women are also more likely to stay at home to care for a child than a man but that is a choice that both parents make and agree upon which leads to an unfair argumentative point that "it's not a viable excuse to explain why men get paid more". A study was also conducted in 2016 by the BNP Paribas that found that there was a 35% profit margin between successful women and men entrepreneurs with women coming out on top and with that statistic alone debunks the wage gap, but rather proves that the women that try to succeed will receive what they earn and not be given what they want based on gender stereotype.

  • Look deeper at the statistics published

    The gender pay gap is a reflection of the job distribution across the organisations that have been required to publish the statistics in the UK by today 4th of April 2018. A useful statistic that the companies publish in addition to the median and mean pay by gender is the proportion of men and women in each quarter of the pay bands ('quartiles'). Comments by people interviewed predominantly state that companies should increase the proportion of women in the top paying jobs to redress the balance but this alone will not succeed in eradicating the calculated gender pay gap. This may not always work. Let's look at an example scenario: A company with 5 women and 5 men earning 100,000 each, 6 women and 4 men earning 60,000 each, 7 women and 3 men earning 40,000 each and 8 women and 2 men earning 20,000 each will show an average women's pay of 50,000 and men's pay of 64,285, a difference of 22% (higher than the national average of 18.2%). This is despite having equal representation at the highest pay band. The difference is the predominance of women in the lower pay bands.

    A 'reverse' pay gap is actually published by 'Yellow dots' a child nursery company. Women employees in this group are paid 80.2% MORE than men (the national average is only 18.2% more for men!). The reason is simple - 97.2% of the top paid employees are women while only 82.1% of the lower paid are women. The men in the nurseries run by this companies predominantly work as 'teapersons', who are in the lower 2 quartiles of pay. Men do not progress to the higher paid nursery nurse level which is predominantly female. The company can replace some men in the lower quartiles with women to make the distribution of women and men 97.2% and 2.8%, the same as the top quartile to remove the gender pay gap. Even without making any changes to the top pay band distribution the average gap can be eradicated in this perverse way. This has to be borne in mind when people demand companies take action to remove the gender pay gap.

  • Does not exist

    Every colleges and universities give the woman a chance to choose their own majors but most of the women chooses lower majors than men so that high paid jobs are dominated by men as it comes to get dominated by men employers trust men more than women. That is why they get paid higher. Plus, women have possibilities to get pregnant or to become sick easily so that employers have trust issues paying women equal to men

  • Let's be real here

    If employers could get away with paying women 23% less than than a man. Wouldn't all of the factories be filled with women. Some misleading statistics might have you believe this myth, but men typically work longer hours and retire later among other things. Think of how ridicules these claims of unequal pay really are.

  • Very misleading wording.

    The 77 cents to the dollar wage gap myth is literally just the earnings of all men versus the earnings of all women. It is not lower pay for the same job, it is illegal to pay people more or less based on nothing but their gender. There is no evidence to support there being an actual wage gap.

  • It's not real.

    The first study made on the 77 cents to a man's dollar is actually the overall average and it's not for the same work. Women work less on average and also tend to have lower-paying jobs. Also, it's been illegal to pay one gender less since the goddamn 60s. Ever learned history?

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