Do you believe in the youthfulness of the conspiracy?

Asked by: Amine_Lagwag36
  • All are doing by secret plan

    Conspiracy is a theory to make better something. If you want to better something you have to make a secret plan. If you see around the world, All are maintain by secret plan. Political economy and government absolutely maintain this policy. Whenever you want to compete with one to another you have to maintain this theory. For this reason I support this motion.

  • Do you believe in conspiracy?

    There are many people who believe that in this conspiracy world but how:
    There is a lot of evidence that supports this theory There is a lot of evidence that supports this theory
    In 1963 Kennedy went to Dallas and was in the midst of large crowds of people a first bullet wounds the Kennedy's throat and the second breaks the skull,Kennedy knew he was hostile to Masonic movements and world Zionism.Watch this:https://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=y8HTr-F-FVM
    Second: In 1995, a game of papers called The Illuminati:New world order This is a game that contains a card that draws two trade towers and they are under attack remamber this game published in 1995 In addition to many other cards There is a card depicting Saddam Hussein and another painted by demons dominating Washington
    any way I hope I will deliver you in something Give us your opinion

  • It's just silly.

    I am not about to say that conspiracies don't/didn't exist, just that I find it doubtful that the Masons are behind the scenes controlling everything. No, I am not a member but just because I don't/can't attend their meetings does not mean I think they are conspiring behind the scenes. Yes, some prominent leaders are known to be/have been Masons but there are many in power who are not that could have opposed any action they endorsed. For all you or I know, they are just clubs that get them away from their wives so they can do guy stuff.

    Tho I don't think Oswald acted entirely alone, I don't think it was a conspiracy within our government that caused his death. I don't think our government played any part in causing 9/11 either. Sure, there were past attempts on the towers and some claims about strange activity but these agencies likely get tons of tips that lead nowhere.

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