• I do believe in Transhumanism.

    I feel that we are capable of more than we like to think we are, and that we can do terrific things if we put enough research into it. If we look at the argument of "playing God", then that is something for someone else to debate. As a Deist, I believe that God would want us to operate at our full potential and develop beyond what evolution has given us. I feel that, as the only animal that alters every aspect of its environment, we are evolved to make ourselves better. Now, we should avoid making ourselves too artificial, as that could lead down a darker path of mechanized humans who lack emotion. That would be too much technology, and not enough humanity. We must push the limits of our bodies and minds so that we can find new frontiers to push through. It is our destiny as fully self aware creatures to actively strive for our hastened evolution into the future.

  • Yes I Do

    Transhumanism is defined as the belief or theory that the human race can evolve beyond its current physical and mental limitations, especially by means of science and technology. I believe this will become more and more possible for us as we advance in these fields. There seems to be no doubt about it.

  • Yes, I think it is good for humans

    I think anything that betters the human race is good for us in the long run. You can't say that using technologies to do so isn't how we should do it. The future is going to be a combination of technologies and the human right to put them into use. I think transhumanism is fine.

  • Transhumanism is Now

    Transhumanism is the current name for a continuous way of thought in human societies. We have always wanted to become more than what we are, we want to fly with the angels and move through time and space at will. As we increase our digital technologies we will continue the cyborgization of humanity.

  • No, transhumanism is "playing God."

    No, I do not believe in transhumanism, as it seems as though it is using science to "play God." I find that there are ethical concerns with controlling evolution and creating artificial beings. Despite any potential benefits, transhumanism would drastically change society as we know it along with our values and morals.

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