• I know this subject all too well

    I know there is vampires because I am one. I don't care if you believe me or not. But we are not like how Hollywood makes us look. We are not undead, we never died then came back to life. That's a huge myth. Yes, all vampires need blood, only blood I've ever had has been my own because of the fact I don't wanna ever hurt anyone just to get what I need. Some of us can go days, weeks, months, and even years without blood. And oh! We can go into the sun! See ourselves in the mirror! And even have kids! How I know is because I was born one and I found out I was a vampire at the age of 13 and its been a while since that day but when I learned vampires are here was when I was 10. There is only two types of vampires, the one turned, and the ones who was born one. Like I said I was born one. My awakening was age 13. And anything else just ask I'll try my best to answer. BYE!

  • Yes I do!!

    I do because whenever i think about it i get this feeling inside me its hard to explain it but it just tells me that they are real. My goal in this life is to at least find a vampire, not someone who just thinks its funny to make up story's, this is what my life plan is. I cant explain it but something is telling me that this is my purpose in life. Once i have found a vampire i would also like to be a vampire.......

  • I believe in "never say never".

    I believe in "never say never". How can we ever be 100 per cent sure that vampires are purely fictitious until we have used sonar and put up cameras that work 24/7 in every part of every place that exists?
    Yes, there may well be tests that can pick up genes before a baby is born, but would they necessarily be able to pick up EVERY single gene? Also, would they really be available in an undiscovered/unexplored place?
    Yes, a vampire who attacks and turns a person every week or so is a bit unrealistic, to say the least, but would they necessarily have to attack and turn that many people? Could they not be killing the people that they drink from and hiding the bodies? The vampires in the movie "Cirque du Freak" do not turn people just by drinking from them; they have to actually exchange blood with them to do this. They do not kill the people either; they just drink a bit of blood from them. The worst thing that would ever be likely to happen to one of their victims is that they end up a bit sick and have to take a few days off work, just like they might do if they had the flu. People do get sick due to unknown causes still, don't they?
    The human body may not be designed to process large amounts of blood, but are vampires necessarily human? A person who cannot digest food may not be unable to digest blood as well, but who's to say that vampires necessarily cannot digest their own food? Although they still need blood in order to survive, the ones on "The Vampire Diaries" can actually digest food, if I remember correctly.
    Psychic vampires are definitely real. Watch the documentary "Vampire Secrets". You can probably get it very easily on Amazon. This should give you more detail about them and about how they are definitely not fake.
    Warning: “Vampire Secrets” is certainly not for anyone who is, in any way, faint-hearted or easily-scared. It has graphic depictions of what is obviously fake blood , including a few clips of someone playing Elizabeth Bathory actually bathing in it. It also features one incredibly disturbing story about a guy who brings home a beautiful woman who later dies and the body, which may have been possessed by a demon, just turns to dust. There is also one long piece of footage about how vampires are, supposedly dead bodies that rise at night. Of course, this is not necessarily true, but this is what is in the documentary. This documentary is about the only vampire-related thing that has ever truly freaked me out.

  • I do believe in Vampires!

    Why? Email me at: Lillithdarkwing@gmail.Com. But if you really want to know:
    Last year I was bitten by a vampire and I finally turned three months ago. This is kind of unbelievable but it's true. It is really not pleasant. Most vampire stories get a lot of things wrong! Anyway email me if you have any questions.

  • There are people that drink blood

    There are many vampire cultures that are around the world.Maybe not all vampires are undead or have fangs but there are genuine people that love or need to drink human blood plus vampires in my opinion are a lot more realistic than most legendary creatures such as werewolves so a person that believes in werewolves rather than vampires is a little stupid to me.

  • Yes, it's in the realm of possibility

    Vampires, werewolves, witches, they all have the chance of being real. Just because we have never seen one in person, or even identified one out in a crowd does not necessarily mean they are just a myth of folk tale. Super natural things happen all the time, phenomenons are captured on tape that have no explanation, stories throughout the ages are told of mythical people. Can ruling out that this is possible really be an intelligent decision?

  • Yes Yes!!

    There is more than one kind of vampire.There is the vampire bat, the flea and let us not forget...the emotional vampire,preying on others sympathy to get what they want from others. These kinds of vampires can literally suck all the goodness out of a person leaving them cold and unfeeling which will lead to loss of conscience. Yes, I certainly believe.

  • Yes, vampires are real!!!

    Last I heard, there was an attack in Edmonton at around 9:00 at night. I didn't just heard this, I saw with my own two eyes, he was a dark figure, so I didn't see his face, I tried to call out to him, but he just stared my down for a moment and ran off. I went to see if the women lying there was all right, she told me that an animal came out of nowhere and attacked her. This was only a few weeks ago.

  • Yes I believe so..

    Yes, I do think that there is a possibility of vampires, witches and werewolves 1. Because if you really think about it there are cannibal's around the world that eat people they may count as vampires.
    Just because we haven't actually seen them it does not mean there not real!

  • But of course.

    Humans are but creatures born of fear. The first thing a human being does from birth is cry out! Crying out because of its fear of change and fear of the unknown. A human can only learn from fear. Vampires were here before Mankind. We do not bother to prove anything to you due to the fact that you all will eventually die and We shall live as We once did. Yet if We did reveal ourselves, you would cower, run, and attempt to spread the word to others. Yet in the back of your mind you know you would be called a fool and a liar. Never cry vampire!

  • No

    In the sense of a person being immortal and living off of blood as their sustenance, no, I do not believe in vampires. The term vampire can be used for people who emotionally drain the life from people, but as an actual being, I do not believe that vampires exist. Only qualities of such exist in animals and insects.

  • Fantasy.

    I do not believe in vampires. They are simply fantasy and a figure of the imagination. There isn't really much evidence to support the reality of the vampire so we have no reason to believe that they are. It goes against all science and at the end of the day is just silly.

  • Hell no!

    The kind of vampires that we know from television and the ones we read about in books don't exist. Even though it would be cool. But has anyone ever seen one? And when someone says he/she has, There is never evidence. There are probably people who have some strange addiction and drink blood or something, And you can call them vampires, But the creature you think about when someone says 'vampire', They just aren't real. I'm sorry.

  • Chupa wevo man

    Hi im sexy and i know it i will show you chupa wevo and vampires aren't real they are fake and i don't believe in monsters so ya this is just weird and funny at the same time and i say no because this is fake and weird so ya

  • Fake so fake

    Fake it is so fake! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Fake! ! 1 B!

  • No,vampires doesn't exist

    Vampires exist only in movies and novels,they are not real,nobody have never seen something like that before.They are just one of the mythical stuff and I don't believe in them.A person can never be immortal or survive only by drinking blood,it doesn't make any sense.I there are people who drinks human blood,they are not vampires,just creepy psycho humans

  • Vampires? Not a chance...

    April 1,1819: A man named John William Polidori published a book called "The Vampyre". The purpose of this book was to metaphorically talk about the actions of George Gordon Byron a.K.A Lord Byron. Byron would lure virgin women out of their homes to "destroy/mess up"(rape) their body. It isn't quite known YET why Byron would do such a thing but it is thought that Poidori didn't go to a head of committee because of his fear of what Byron might of done to him,had he known Polidori knew about what he was doing. So no,I do not believe in vampires because the idea of them originated from a book that basically snitched about a man's actions towards women.

  • They are in only in the movies or shows. Me myself didn't see a real life vampire.

    Vampires dont exist because their make believe and god made human beings not vampires. If I say that I am a vampire they'll think that I am nuts or not that educated person. If I say that vampires are real then people would think that I am crazy. Just believe in god.

  • Really? It's 2016!

    It's 2016, and we still have people that believe in vampires? There is literally no evidence that vampires exist, but there are still people that believe in them? THIS IS WHY WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS. (Also, yes, I do realize that some people who said yes were joking. But people like Rorodog scare me, because I'm pretty sure he thinks vampires might be real)

  • Vampires do not exist

    Some people believe vampires do exist but, I believe they don't exist because no one has seen it till now and any living thing cannot survive
    on just drinking blood . Vampires actually are fantasy characters, the qualities we hear about vampires , exist only in animals .

    Thank you.

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