Do you believe incidents of dog abuse are growing (yes) or becoming less common (no)?

  • Incidents Of Dog Abuse

    I personally think that incidents of dog abuse are growing each and everyday and I personally think that it should be taken care of. I personally think that incidents of dog abuse are growing and it has affected so many dog owners. I personally think that incidents of dog abuse are horrible for the dog.

  • More Population Equals More Abuse

    Dog population has risen a lot in the past years. Human population also has risen. While, maybe the percentage of abuse might be down, the overall incidents is probably up, just because of the more encounters between humans and dogs. That is why both species need some form of population control in my opinion.

  • There's No Central Reporting Agency

    According to the Humane Society of the United States web-site there is not central reporting agency that tracks animal abuse reports. I find this unfortunate. If I had to guess I would say the incidents are increasing because the dog population is increasing. Dog abuse can cover a lot of different problems, so I have to believe it goes up with the population of dogs.

  • No, I think they are less common.

    I think after the Michael Vick case, people in general have a new standing knowledge of what is out there. Its hard to hid it when that case opened up dog fighting to everyone in the public eye. This also allowed origination's to step in and really do some good with what happened.

  • Dog abuse is less common.

    Abuse against animals is dropping the same way that violence, child abuse, and murder is dropping. We live in a more peaceful world now, with less need for violence. It still needs to be addressed and stopped, but there has been an improvement in the number of dog abuse cases.

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