Do you believe India still deserves to receive development aid from other countries?

  • receive development aid

    I personally agree,I think you focus excessively on NGOs and international funding. This isn’t unimportant. But the brief asks, ‘Should India still receive foreign aid?’ and thus primarily focuses on official development assistance (ODA). Such North-South transfers were recommended by the United Nations in the 1970s, with a target of one per cent of the developed countries’ GDP, later pruned to 0.7 per cent. Only a handful of Northern countries meet the target, even today.

  • Yes: India Still Deserves Development Aid

    It is a simplistic question that belies a bias toward viewing blocks of people as nations. There are without a doubt impoverished people within India who need help. The question as to whether the kind of help offered by developed nations whose financial systems and environmental policies are destabilizing the planet remains to be seen.

  • No, it is not really a developing country anymore.

    There are definitely some parts of India, both culturally and from a societal standpoint, that need a lot of development, but as a whole it is more or less a developed nation. For now, India needs to step up and fix its own problems instead of relying on other countries to feed them aid.

  • Deserves? Perhaps. Entitled? No.

    In the twenty-first century, the nation of India experiences many problems of the past. While these problems are often terrible for those that experience them, they generally have internal causes or causes beyond the actions of human beings. India has a new class of billionaires and it should be their civic responsibility to see their country improved.

  • No, their economy is growing.

    India's economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world, and with over a billion people engulfing their population numbers, this economy will only grow larger. They will continue to develop and expand their resources. It is not up to developed countries to aid a country that is on the verge of an economic boom.

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