Do you believe India's economy will become more stable than that of China?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Yes, I think that India's economy will become more stable than that of China because India is really reaching up and coming through the past few years where as I am seeing china go more in the hole in my opinion. I have been wanting India to rise up as it is my favourite country.

  • No, India's economy will not be more stable than China's.

    With India and China fully embracing industrial capitalism, the elites in both countries have prospered. Those whose backs the wealthy stand on, still live in squalor and lose their health and dignity to make junk for western consumers. An untenable situation, that will be hard to help with exploding populations.

  • Unlikely in the long term

    India might be showing signs of moving in the right direction, but in the long term they won't be able to match China. For every thriving section of Indian society, there's another section in horrible poverty. It isn't possible to move to a truly stable economy while leaving such a large portion of your society behind.

  • China's economy is very stable.

    India's economy may be improving greatly, but it is probably not going to become as stable as China. There are too many variables in India. The economy there will fluctuate a great deal. China, on the other hand, is very controlled and therefore very stable. India may still have a more profitable economy though.

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