Do you believe individuals who are sixteen year old are mature enough to vote?

  • Yes, sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to vote.

    Sixteen-year-olds already have all the skills they need to be able to vote. They can drive a car and join the military so why can't they vote? If they follow many laws then shouldn't they choose for who makes them. This is the future generation that we are talking about.

  • They are mature

    They know what they are doing. They are most of the time more educated than adults. They will enhance the future of THE USA. They will get educated more to learn about politics and this will be good for them and the USA. 16 year old are mature enough to vote and i strongly agree with this.

  • YAS They Should VOTE

    They are mature enough and will benefit the country with their vibrancy and creativity, plus the youth of the country will be the ones running the country next, so why can't they be in charge of their future nation? A a a a a a a a a a a

  • They should be

    Teens that are 16 are starting to be independent and are now understanding how the world works, and I believe that they should have the right to vote as any other person. Mainly bc whatever the votes are for whether the mayor, president, etc. the biggest impact it will have is on the upcoming generation of kids. When it comes to jobs, attending colleges, and learning to be apart of a community that will be a benefit to future generations. Therefore I believe they should play a role when it comes to voting for a leader.

  • They r mature

    They are mature not like old people who loose their memory..Their memory is fresh and they know what is right and what is wrong.They have developed properly. 16 year olds are, in many cases, better educated and more informed than their adult counter parts, but, in many other cases, a 16 year old can get a part time job.That means they are educated .To have a job. To have a licence for driing ,apply for a passport, have s.. U have to be educated and know

  • It reall varies

    It really varies. 16 year olds are, in many cases, better educated and more informed than their adult counter parts, but, in many other cases, 16 year olds do really need more time to develop and to fully understand their roles in society. It really ultimately has more to do with the individual.

  • WE aren't ready

    I'm a 14 year old and feel that us teens aren't ready for dome many reasons who go crazy and get all mad and suicidal if we lose our boyfriends etc I just feel our country don't need emotional teenagers running around voting. Not that all the adults should be able to vote either but still we do what we can I guess

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  • 16 year olds do not posses the maturity level to vote

    No, I do not believe that most 16 year olds are able to take on the responsibly to vote for the leaders of our country. They understand some of the issues at hand but their reasoning skills are something to be desired. They many vote for someone for the simple fact that they seem more popular than the other.

  • They do not understand yet

    While a 16 year old can get a part time job, many of them do not. Some kids choose not to get a job and some it is by not being able to get one. Even if they do have a job, I do not think they would have worked long enough to understand how the system works. Until people have worked in the system. I do not think they can make informed decisions on who to vote for. I know their are other areas they could understand but the economy is the most important.

  • They can't be trusted

    I do not feel 16 year olds have the capacity to vote intelligently and are too easily swayed (media, parents, teachers, friends....etc). They are still maturing and we should allow them to be teens and not have political groups pander for their votes. I would also be very nervous knowing that a parent could force a child to vote for the person they want.

  • Sixteen year olds are not mature enough to vote

    It is my opinion that individuals who are sixteen years of age are not mature enough to vote. I feel that they have not had enough education in most cases to be relied upon to cast a knowledgeable vote for any candidate or policy. A complete high school education is necessary to understand most elections in my opinion.

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