Do you believe information held by public bodies should be published for citizens to read?

  • Yes, I do.

    Yes, I do very much believe that information held by public bodies such as the government should be published and made available for the public to read. I believe that this is important in all cases other than matters of national security where making information public could jeopardize our lives or our nation. Transparency is very important to me.

  • It is constitutional to relay information to the public

    Important information from credible public bodies should be made available for law abiding citizens to be fully informed and alert of certain topics. This information can be preventive overall for many communities, because people are always in the loop about information that has been published for their own news purposes.

  • Yes it should.

    I believe that information held by public bodies should be published for citizens to read. This is because they are already public, and probably have a ton of information on others. This should be revealed to the public so that we know what kind of information they have on everyone else.

  • We the people

    The people of this country are the ones that keep this country going and this country is governed by the people. Because of that we are entitle to see everything that is going on, and should be able to read all information that the public bodies have and can publish.

  • No, because some things should stay classified.

    There is certain information that should remain classified because, unfortunately, many times, the public are too ignorant to understand the way things are done. And if someone gets information that potentially puts an entire nation at risk, there is really no reward there. Not everything is meant to be known.

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