• Human life is greater than "property" rights

    Medical research and access to life-saving medicine is hindered by paywalls, licenses, patents, and trade secrets. Even if we concede the imaginary notion that ideas are a scarce resources that need to be rationed like land, natural resources, and finished products, this rationing still doesn't justify letting humans die slow, painful deaths. Does a human deserve to die simply because they were out-innovated and couldn't discover a cure before someone else assigned it property rights?

  • Intellectual property rights are important

    People should have intellectual property rights. Without them then there would be little incentive to create great works of art because that person could not make a living off of their achievements. This is very important to have in a free society with the rule of law. Without the intellectual property rights, are society would be much worse off.

  • We need to incentivize innovation.

    No, I do not believe that intellectual property rights should be abolished, because people need to be assured that they can keep their intellectual creations. Property rights are important because most people do not innovate to help the greater good. Most people innovate because they want to make a profit. IP rights are important.

  • No,I do not think intellectual property rights should be abolished.

    No,I do not think intellectual property rights should be abolished.Someone who creates something intellectual has just as much right as someone who creates something physical to protect their creation.With today's society becoming more and more technical it's more important than ever for the inventors to be able to protect their property.

  • No, absolutely not.

    With plagiarism and all other forms of stealing one's ideas, the question of whether we should abolish intellectual property rights is a very silly one. People should have the right to keep and take credit for their own ideas, and they should always have the right to their own ideas.

  • Not at all

    I think that this is a great thing that is in effect, and it has been the same for a very long time, so why should we all of a sudden decide to change it up today, and completely get rid of this right that we have had for a while.

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