• Internet freedom is safe

    Some governments would like to shut down internet freedom, but that would not be possible in this country because the population values freedom too much. The internet is too large and too open to be shut down or even censored in any way. This is a good thing because the nore knowledge people get from the web, the better it is.

  • Government's big sausage fingers are trying to grab it

    Most of the world censors or limits the internet to maintain their oppression and liberals here in the USA want our government to put their large clumsy hands into it. Nothing good comes of more government...Absolutely nothing. It's also a political danger as whatever party in power could use that to consolidate and take over....

  • No, governments all over are trying to control it.

    The Internet is still a relatively new beast when it comes to entertainment and, like all other forms of entertainment, there are many governments and politicians trying to impose limits and remove net neutrality. As long as this continues, Internet freedom is in peril. It will take a long time for it to be safe again, however, as they keep trying to introduce new bills about it when they think we are not looking.

  • Yes, it is in peril because companies stand to profit from manipulating it.

    I believe that Internet freedom is in peril. A select few companies control the pipeline and we are seeing large companies such as Google and Facebook create monopolies of the services we use. Such power concentrated into the hands of a few will allow companies to maximize their profits by doing whatever they want, because consumers have few alternatives.

  • Internet safety is being diminished by the day.

    The governments of the world are daily restricting the rights of access and data allowed on the internet. Large industrialized countries are still telling people what they can or cannot access on the Internet. There are entire enforcement agencies that are funded just to suppress the free flow of information. This is happening every day, and to a higher degree each day.

  • The PRISM project.

    No, I do not believe that Internet freedom is safe, because the government watches everything we do on the Internet. The government is also probably planning emergency measures to control the internet, if they want to control public thought. Other countries are not shy about the fact that they control the internet.

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