Do you believe introducing robots to society is the next step forward?

  • They are here to stay...Like the phone..Car...Plane...And the electric tooth brush they are on the tracks and the train it never goes in reverse .

    They improve...Little by little inch by inch step by painful step they....Robots improve, and...It will never never stop...Soon they will want a real working Marvel comic Iron man suite I think the military is already investing in one, all this high tech one must realize is in it's infancy...Think of the first plane...The first telephone...The first car...That's where we are with robots but... A nice long road ahead with lots of room for advancement and improvements .

  • I think it is part of the future.

    I think that introducing robots into society to assist us with our chores and our daily activities is the next logical step. I realize that their could be some negative affects like losses of jobs and perhaps long in the future, there might even be ethical dilemmas if it is ever possible for the robot to be self aware.

  • Yes, it's already happening.

    Robots are already introduced into society and are becoming the next step forward. From the robotic vacuum cleaner that cleans your carpets without you touching it to the way a car can be synched up with your phone and entertainment system, we are already entering the age of robotic intelligence.

  • Yes, robots are a step forward.

    Realistically, we have already introduced robots in the form of smart phones. They have turned us into cyborgs, only we carry the technology in our pocket or bag instead of on or in our bodies. Additional robots, the more traditional one, would simply push the world more quickly in the direction it's already going.

  • Introducing robots to society is the next step forward that we will witness.

    Yes, introducing robots to our society is the next step forward that will occur. People already rely on artificial intelligence for assistance in many activities, the only thing missing is a robot body. Many instances of artificial intelligence have already replaced human jobs, and in some ways this increases efficiency, but its also sad because people are at risk of losing their jobs.

  • Not the next step

    Robots are not the next step in human civilization. Robots may one day be a part of human civilization but, in reality, any sort of real and autonomous robot technology is far off in the future. This does not, of course, include things such as robotic assembly lines and such.

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