• We All Need Spervision

    People tend to take advantage of situations when no one is watching Some more than others, but we all should be held accountable for what we do.If Investigators are monitoring other people, who is monitoring them? Everything needs to come full circle, or else society just does not work right.

  • Yes they should.

    I believe investigators should be investigated as well. This will ensure that what ever they are investigating is to the best of their ability, and will help them perform better. This would also decrease the amount of things that happen to go wrong in an investigation because they could be caught.

  • Investigators should also be investigated.

    Yes, investigators subject also be subject to investigation. It is their job to conduct investigations, however it is important to maintain a sustainable system of checks and balances to keep the investigators from getting to much power. If they are the only ones who conduct investigations, they may be subject to power-tripping.

  • They are sometimes the worst.

    Yes, I believe that investigators should be investigated as well, because they are often the perpetrators. Investigators often believe that they can get away with the perfect crime. They have a high rate of violence, including murder, because they are used to being in control of situations. They need to be watched as well. No man is above the law.

  • Do their job

    No, they do not need to be investigated. I think that we need to stay out of the way and let them go on their business and do their job, since they are really good at finding the facts behind an event that has happened, and who is the one at fault.

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