• They Need To Have Elections

    I believe Iraq needs to have elections to keep its government going and I certainly hope they will be able to hold fair elections. I think we need to further consider how elections could be held to ensure that they are fair however. With all of the technology available to the world is it still necessary to go to a polling station?

  • Iraq can have mostly fair elections.

    The idea of a fair election is not possible. The very outcome of an election is not fair to the candidates that do not win. Even the US has had its share of election scandals. If the Iraqis keep hearing reports of their elections not being fair, then they will stop voting, and they really won't be. This is exactly why only 60% of the American populace shows up for the presidential elections and even less for local politics.

  • Most countries in that area of the world have corrupt governments.

    I don't think that Iraq will be able to hold fair elections because of the level of corruption within the Iraqi government. I think in order to do that you need a fully functioning democracy which Iraq does not have at this time. Religion has no place in government, but in Iraq it does.

  • Not at this time.

    I question Iraq's ability to hold fair elections any time soon. It seems like there are too many opportunists in the region who think they can grab all the power, any way they can. There's not a lot of national unity, which makes it hard to create a sense of civic duty that would lead to legitimate elections.

  • No, Iran's elections will be rigged

    Iran is often seen as a powerful country, and it is. Particularly for that region of the world. But the fact of the matter is that Iran is corrupted beyond what almost every westerner could even imagine. When someone gains control there, it's usually by force. And that's the same way they keep it.

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