Do you believe irresponsible, dangerous, and bad behaviors would ensue if teenagers had access to condoms?

  • It is a license.

    Yes, I believe irresponsible, dangerous, and bad behaviors would ensue if teenagers had access to condoms, because giving teenagers condoms is a license for them to have sex. Giving them condoms is telling them to go ahead and engage in dangerous behavior, and it sends a message to them that they will not suffer the consequences that are inevitable.

  • Ensue Teenagers To Condoms

    I personally think that we should enact stricter regulations when it comes to sugar. There are numerous health risks associated with excessive sugar intake. Many food products geared towards children are particularly high in sugar, which can lead to childhood obesity and type 2 diabetes. For that reason, I believe there should be stricter regulations on sugar.

  • No, these happen anyway.

    Teens already do irresponsible, dangerous, and bad things because that is what teens often do. Having access to condoms would just mean that some of the actions that they do will not lead to sexually transmitted diseases or to teen pregnancy, both of which just make mistaken actions have worse results.

  • Not at all

    No, if there was more access to condoms then there would just be a lot less teen pregnancies. Teens are going to have sex with or without them, it is in the human nature to want to have sex, and there is not a way to fight that off at all.

  • no, danger would be culled

    If teenagers had access to condoms dangerous things could be avoided. I’m talking about things like abortions, sexually transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy. If teenagers had access to condoms they would be more likely to behavior responsibly with sexual activity they were going to engage in anyway. Why not help them be safe about it?

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