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  • ISIS not Contained.

    With the recent bombings in France and the threat in Germany, added to the threats to the United States, it is quite obvious that the Islamic group known as ISIS is not adequately contained. This group recruits all over the world and has planted recruits in foreign countries across the globe.

  • No, more attacks are happening all the time.

    ISIS is not being adequately contained because attacks are happening more frequently. It is being said that they were responsible for the very recent attacks in Paris, which included suicide bombers. They are spreading out and attacking many countries. Bombing the training centers of ISIS would help better contain the spread of extremism.

  • How can you maintain Evil?

    If ISIS was being contained, the attacks in France and all the other recent events in other countries would not have happened. ISIS is probably in every country of the world right now just waiting for the opportunity to wreck havoc on innocent people. On the radio today I heard that they have a publication that they distribute to all their members. I am not sure if it was a parody or a true story, but I do think they are a highly organized group that will not stop until they gain total control.

  • ISIS May Be Impossible to Contain

    ISIS has been underestimated from the beginning. They have tapped into an ideology that resonates with so many disenfranchised people, which creates a powerful, almost invisible enemy. As one outspoken leader is killed another pops up out of nowhere. The bombings at different key sites doesn't seem to even slow them down. This is a type of enemy like no other that we have ever seen before.

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