Do you believe Islam's extreme views are responsible for modern-day suicide bombers?

  • Yes, Islam's extreme views are responsible for today's suicide bombers.

    I definitely think that Islam's extreme views are responsible for today's suicide bombers. A lot of people who follow Islam are very impressionable. And when they listen and read very extreme rhetoric from the faith of Islam, it influences a lot of them to listen to some of the more extreme leaders.

  • What extreme views?

    I feel as though there are no extreme views in Islam to inspire suicide bombers. Yes, there is the "Kill the polytheists wherever you may find them." quote, but that is often taken out of context. People often read between the lines in any religious document, and that is what inspires the extreme views that are often perceived as being supported in the Quran. Ultimately, Islam has no extreme views, people do.

  • Not one bit

    Islam holds no extreme views and it is NOT and NEVER the main cause of suicide bombing. Suicide bombings are caused by ignorant individuals who think they're doing the right thing, but they aren't. Its the people not the religion. Islam is a beautiful religion. Do some research to find out.

  • No their views are not responsible.

    I feel that Islam's extreme views are not responsible for modern-day suicide bombers. Majority of religions preach the same thing, and that all stems from loyalty. Religions and faith do not breed killers, that comes from within ones self motives. This is why I feel their extreme views are not responsible for modern day suicide bombers.

  • It's not Islam

    I would not say that it is Islam's extreme views that are causing a rise in terrorism and suicide bombers, especially of young children. I think it is the heavy manipulation of young people to do their bidding for older people's reasons. This could happen to any religion and has before. It's not just with Islam.

  • Extremists To Blame

    First of all Islam does not inherently contain extreme views. Stating so only further propagates stereotypes about the religion. Second, no where in the Koran will you find it acceptable to strap on a bomb and blow yourself up. Read the text before assuming anything about this religion. Extremists are the ones who are responsible for this problem and extremists don't solely exist in the Islamic faith, Christianity doesn't have a clean slate either.

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