Do you believe it is a basic human right to have access to information preserved electronically?

  • Yes, I believe that access to information is a basic right for an informed society

    Access to information stored electronically is a basic step in having an educated society. The libraries of the last generation are now outdated, under funded, and under used compared to what the Internet has created today. To compete intellectually in a growing world, the United States needs to provide access to basic information.

  • Yes, I believe access to electronic information has become a basic human right.

    The internet provides the modern citizen with resources necessary to find work, find housing, locate food, locate partners, and read important news and information, including many government broadcasts from local and federal sources. It has become a necessity, in order to remain an informed and responsible citizen in the modern world. Access to electron information should not be compromised for any peoples, and should be protected as well as any other important right.

  • We have bigger fish to fry right now.

    Nope. While it would be great if it were so, there is no such basic human right. I don't believe there should ever be such a basic human right. Let's worry about eliminating corruption, making sure the entire world has access to healthy drinking water and medical care before we start worrying about eBooks.

  • basic human right to have access to information preserved electronically

    It is not a basic human right to have access to information preserved electronically. I think it is a violation of peoples privacy and if someone gives you reason to snoop then snoop but how can trust be established with anyone in this country if we are looking over their shoulder at everything they are doing.

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