• It can be good

    I think that it is beneficial in some ways, but there are certainly reasons that rankings shouldn't be put out. FIrst of all, the rankings are often subjective. Secondly, it causes people grief to not get into certain schools and the public thinks certain schools are better when they aren't necessarily. Despite all of that, they do serve a purpose in pointing out the very bad schools that students should probably avoid because of inadequate professors and facilities

  • Rankings are good

    It is a good thing that colleges put out rankings because this helps give students a gal to strive for. If rankings were not put out then this would reduce competition in the classroom and reduced competition is never a good thing. If America wants to keep up with the world, then they need rankings.

  • It is information.

    Yes, I believe that it is a good thing that college put out rankings, because rankings are a list of information about various colleges. Opinion about reputation is one of the most important things to a prospective student, because the reputation of the school is very important to choosing a school. The students can use the information to decide which school is best for their needs.

  • Colleges putting out rankings

    I believe that it is good for the college to put out rankings it allows students and parents to know what type of school they are and how successful they are with graduations and so on. All colleges should have to show how well they do since they charge alot

  • Rankings help students decide where to attend school.

    It is a good thing that colleges put out rankings. This is because it helps parents and students understand what a university's strong points and weak points are. It ultimately helps young people decide where to go to school. If these rankings didn't exist, then people would be applying to just any old college without many goals in mind.

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