• Wearing Animal skin or fur is totally unacceptable. Why would a person wish to wear the skin of another being is completely beyond me.

    We all are well aware of the fact that the animals slaughtered to make us look prettier, Are capable of loving, Feeling pain and happiness, Just like us. Why can't we just let them be? Why snatch there joy and their livelihoods? Is humanity so obnoxious that they can't even take out a second to think about the unnecessary pain they inflict? For this world's sake we have to stop and really think about what we are doing. How can't you realise that the notion of taking lives just to wear their skins is completely ridiculous. The times when early humans took off the skins of animals they killed is gone. Today we have hundreds of sensible options to cover our bodies. Then why do we need to stick to the cruelty of unnecessary killing.

  • We don't need to wear animal flesh

    Animals, just like us, form strong bonds with each other. They don't want to die and more importantly they don't need to! We have evolved to be smart enough to make everything we need without murder of innocent creatures. As a species we should be fighting to stop animal cruelty at all costs. Fake leathers and furs are easy enough to make, and they don't have to cost animals their lives! If you're against this ban or think you're entitled to flesh of another animal - think about this. Think about your family and friends being taken away from you, slaughtered, and then divided into parts for meat, skin, teeth and bone. Only to be worn or eaten by someone else for a brief time in their life - meanwhile your loved one was denied their life in full and was given no choice in the matter. We don't need to be this cruel. We should be as compassionate as the creatures were marching to the Slaughterhouse.

  • Totally unnecessary and unacceptable

    We have so many man made materials that we no longer need these real fur.. Its used by heartless, uneducated people who use it for status. Unless you area native and have no alternative, why buy in to this. People walking around with fur trim hoods, beanies, and keyrings as if its going to keep them warm. Its disgusting. Proves how ignorant the human race really are.

  • Yes if we dont want to slaughter ourself then whey people slaughter these innocent without any fault ..Why this double mindedness

    And people who r saying it is no wrong... I m appealing them please think atleast one time how would they feel when someone powerful person take them in slaughter house nd just kill for food nd clothes..Then u all will say no that will be wrong ..Like them we also want to live..Plz dont do that with animal than u dont want to happen with yourself

  • There are so many cruelty free alternatives that are much better anyway

    The Leather and fur industry cause so much damage to our world. Between the toxic chemicals they are treated with (for preservation since it IS skin that will rott if not treated with heavy chemicals) and the way they treat the animals it just does not make sense to keep using these products.

  • Wearing fur? Sounds quite unethical

    Morally bad and quite unnecessary from my point of view. Also barbaric. People who wear fur(especially women) actually wear it for their own desires. It is not something vital. I think there are more alternatives to fur. Isn't it true?
    But unfortunately some people think it's OK to sacrifice animals for the benefits of humankind. That's what we call selfishness.

  • Animal fur should not be used

    Every animal deserves to be free . Animals are like humans . They also have pain . Just that they cant talk like us we can kill them . We can wear jackets made from other materials . What if they killed you to wear you like their jacket . Do you want to bee skinned ? Maybe even alive ? So have some heart for them.

  • It's not worth it at all!!

    How would you feel if some animals killed you just to wear. We have other materials we can wear but some people are stupid enough to wear leather. Animals lives aren't worth leather! Animals have feelings and they do feel pain! We should all stop wearing leather and wear some different material clothes!!

  • We, as people would not want animals to wear us. So why let us as people kill them to do what we wouldn't want.

    People buy fur just so they can look "good" or make them seem rich. All it shows about the person if that they have no heart. If wearing another living being on their body does not seem wrong to them, then they are the problem. Don't wear animals just so you think you look good, because you don't and all it does is make you a cruel hearted person.

  • YES- it needs to be banned permanently!

    What is the purpose of making leather or fur?? There is NO purpose for it. We have coats, and jackets that can be made of all kinds of materials and to use the skin of an animal is evil and stupid. There is no reason to use any byproducts left of an animal, or to hurt an animal to make leather in any way. The stupidity of still creating leather or fur is absurd and it needs to be banned and removed from society completely. People can start by NOT buying it and then there will be no market and it will have to go out of business. But people aren't that willing, caring or aware.

  • The natural way

    No, it is not acceptable to ban the making and selling of leather and fur. These things have been used from animals since humans were first started. There is nothing wrong with using animals for things, as long as you use all that you can and kill them in a humane manner.

  • Banning Fur and Leather Unacceptable

    Banning fur and leather is too much of an encroachment on our rights. While I am not at a fan of wearing fur and I appreciate that leather is also an animal product, the fact is if we ban it we open the door to further encroachment on our rights. For instance, maybe we should all have to be vegan. After all, raising animals for food has also raised some concerns, both environmental and about animal cruelty. And frankly, in some climates only animal skins will shield you from the harsh weather. So banning fur and leather is not acceptable.

  • Fur and leather should be allowed.

    It is not acceptable to ban fur and leather because animal goods have been worn by people for thousands of years. They are actually better for the environment than wearing artificially made materials such as pleather and polyester. While animal activists might not be happy with the wearing of fur and leather, people can not let them dictate what is and is not allowed.

  • No not really.

    We do not need to ban fur and leather but they should probably ban the act of hunting and killings animals just for the fur and leather. I feel like if you are going to kill an animal for food than you should use as much as it as possible to give meaning to its life.

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  • That is as silly as saying nothing can die...Ever

    Humans eat meat. Cats eat meat, dogs eat meat, even cows and deer will eat meat. That is never going to stop, so if we just use the meat why waste the hide? That's throwing away so much green, usable things. Synthetic will not break down, and uses chemicals and hurts the environment. Brain tanned leather can and will break down, and supplement new plant growth

  • Ban leather ban fur...Why not just ban the meat???!

    Its so ridiculous to even suggest the ban on leather when there are multi billion pound companies who are killing animals"which have feelings" for meat which are feeding people across the world. Many companies only use the skin which remains as a waste product which will potentially be binned to produce leather.
    Many of these "fake" leather are made from plastics anyway so they 1. Harm the environment and if reaching the food chain end up killing animals anyway. I think you need to find an alternative for meat even before thinking of banning leather

  • I eat cows

    We eat the cows so there is no different to wearing there leather, there already gone. The animals will be hunted even if we ban there clothing.
    We may as well wear there fur as it is already dead and its fur would go to waist if we didn't wear it.

  • I don't think that it is good idea to ban leather, I agree for fur and exotic leathers such as snake, crocodile....For now.

    Whatever anybody thinks leather is by-product from the meat and dairy industry and it is sustainable. For fur skins you are killing animals only for the fur (except sheep), which is also mostly correct for exotic leathers. Than should be banned. On the other hand, if you are vegan I will understand your point, but if most of humanity is eating meat, and there is no biochemically produced meat for reasonable price yet, it is not correct to ban leather. Especially because almost all polymers and leather replacements have been produced from natural hydrocarbons (Oil, gas, carbon) I think that using leather for shoes, bags, upholstery, garment or similar still has a lot of sense.
    In the future it will become more realistic to have alternatives with further development of the biochemistry, creating lab grown meat and milk for decent prices. Then I will also agree to ban leather.

  • I don't get why we should ban

    Animals have feelings? Yes, they do. Wow, then don't eat any meat, don't put them in cages, don't keep a pet. Have you ever thought about whether they want to be a pet? No, because you just think about yourself. Your dog may want freedom and hang out with their kind, but you keep them in ur house. And I believe plants are living things too, just because they don't show emotions or can't move around doesn't mean they want to be dead/eaten by you. So don't eat anything, eat plastics maybe? You guys are hilarious.
    Are synthetic materials more biodegradable than fur or leather? I doubt that. Are biodegradable materials more environmental friendly? I think so. Is leather /fur more long-lasting than synthetic materials? Yes.
    It's cruel/a total waste to kill an animal just for their fur/skin, but what if the meat is also consumed? That's acceptable. And I agree that the method of killing can be modified so that they are not skinned alive.

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Mindofme says2018-04-25T21:31:44.833
Yes, it helps people stay warm. But others do kill animals just for the skin, do they do not eat/use they meat of that animal.

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