• Yes it is

    Yes, if you are downloading things illegally off of the internet then you do not deserve to be on there, and you do not need to have access to all of the things that are on there to enjoy, you ruined your chances when you decided to break the law.

  • Thats like Banning someone from walking outside because they made a mistake in public.

    These days Internet is used for even just getting a job. At what point can you leave someone free yet take away their right to lead a live free from poverty. You might as well kill someone then force them to be a third class citizen of the world. Unable to even apply for work , or pay bills.

  • The responsibility of stopping piracy lies with the sites that allow illeagal downloading.

    Banning people from the Internet for illegal downloading is logistically impossible and would be a waste of time. People could easily switch IP addresses, or use some other server to continue downloading illegally. Instead you should financially penalize websites who make pirated material available. This would make it financially unwise to profiteer off of pirated material

  • No, Net Neutrality is Cruical to Free Speech

    It is inappropriate to ban people from Internet access, regardless of what they chose to download. First of all what can be deemed an "illegal" download is very arbitrary and can range from pirated media to classified but incriminating government documents. In the case of the first type of illegal download there are already measures in place that companies can utilize to seek out damages for their stolen material and in the case of the second type the value of exposing the government's illegal actions far outweighs the legality by which those documents were obtained. Secondly and most importantly it is important for people to be able to access the Internet "neutrally" and without surveillance. Surveillance of Internet activity is a violation of free speech and it would give far too much power to whatever organizations (public or private) were authorized to determine what type of Internet activity constitutes an "illegal download".

  • Don't ban people

    People should not be banned from the internet that utilize illegal downloads. This would be like trying to limit a person's access to information. The internet is so pervasive in today's society it would be near impossible to ban the internet from law breakers. There must be some other answer to the problem.

  • No, people who illegally download should not be banned from the Internet.

    I do not think it is appropriate to ban people from the Internet who utilize illegal downloads. I think that would be too harsh of a penalty. I think people who illegally download should however pay fines and possibly be temporarily banned from Internet use should they be caught for such crimes.

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