Do you believe it is appropriate to give timeouts to rowdy fans in a stadium or arena?

  • Act Like Kids, Treat Them Like Kids

    Rowdy fans who act like kids at sporting events should be given timeouts just like kids who misbehave at home. Instead of criminal charges, fans should be taken to an isolated area away from the event until the game is over. There is no need for drunk and rowdy fandom to get out of hand--everyone should be able to enjoy the game without atrocious behavior.

  • Yes, I do.

    I think that it is appropriate to give a fan who is being too rowdy and disruptive the choice to be detained separately from the crowd for a while until they can calm down or to leave the premises. When sports fans get out of control, they can create an unsafe climate for everyone else.

  • Kick them out instead

    If you think it is wise to have a "timeout box" for fans who get a bit too excited, prepare to double the size of virtually every stadium and arena and deal with significantly more riots. The fact is that sports fans are, to put it kindly, a bit exuberant. Having an entire area cordoned off just for rowdy fans would not only require an immense amount of space, but it would just ensure that the most violent fans were crammed together. If fans are getting out of hand, just eject them from the stadium.

  • No it is not appropriate to give timeouts to rowdy fans.

    I do not think that rowdy fans in sporting events in a stadium and arena should be given time outs. I think that such a thing would not be work. If a fan is considered to be too rowdy, then they should be given a warning or kicked out of the stadium.

  • no, definitely not.

    Unless the rowdy fans are impeding the view of other spectators, insulting, or starting fights, I do not think a fan deserves a time out. If they are doing these things, just toss them out of the stadium. Otherwise, it is good to have boistrous fans. It creates a better atmosphere.

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