Do you believe it is appropriate to push contraceptives on teenagers to help prevent teenage pregnancy?

  • Yes, it's not "pushing."

    Telling teens about how contraceptives work while making sure they are available and that they know how to use them, too, is a good thing. It does not make kids have sex or want to have sex, but it does help them to prevent early pregnancy which is always a good thing.

  • Not all teenagers, but it is appropriate for teenagers at risk of pregnancy.

    Not all teenagers are the same and thus contraceptives should not be pushed on all teenagers. However, to those who are sexually active and especially at risk, it is certainly advisable to encourage birth control. The alternative will most likely be an unwanted pregnancy that will result in incredible difficulties for the young teenager or an abortion.

  • Preventing STDs and pregnancy is important.

    Teen pregnancy is important to prevent, if possible. Teenagers should be informed about contraceptives. It is even more important to prevent the transmission of STDs. Teens are going to do what they decide with or without them, but it is important they be informed about, and have access to, contraceptives.

  • What's right not good

    Teen pregnancy is a serious issue, and teens having sex might not be a great thing for a number of reasons, but the fact is, teens are going to have sex. If we know that teens will have sex (they will), then why not spend a little to save a lot in the future?

  • I think it's inappropriate. Reason is I view teenagers as still being a child.

    I view teens as children because they are not adults (talking about the 13 to 18 year olds). I'm sure adults don't go to high school or middle schools as students. Yet pushing contraceptives on teens is basically telling them go have sex and use the contraceptive we've given you. I believe children should be treated as children. But when you are pushing contraceptives on teenagers you are basically treating them like adults (which they are not) and telling them to do adult things.

  • Push & Make Aware Are Two Different Things

    I do not believe it is appropriate to push contraceptives on teenagers to help prevent teenage pregnancies. Contraceptives, while generally successful at stopping pregnancies, are not free of side effects and dangers and essentially it should be a persons choice to use them. I believe it is important to give teenagers information on these drugs and make them available, but to say they should be pushed is taking it a step too far.

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