• You get a completely different experience living somewhere than just visiting.

    As a person with dual citizenship and parents who have lived in many countries through the years, I think it is beneficial to live in multiple countries. You can experience different cultures, languages, food and make connections across the world on a deeper level than just being a tourist. I think it is nice to have one country where you have roots, most of your family etc. which I maintain even though I have dual citizenship, but you can still live in other places and have this. Also I have been to countries where as a tourist you often only scratch the surface and learn about and see the 'touristy' things but when you live there and especially get to know people from that country, you can make priceless discoveries and memories.

  • Yes I do.

    I do believe it is beneficial to live in multiple countries during a lifetime. This exposes you to many different cultures and will help expand you world view. You will also more then likely be more happy with your life which is something that everyone should try to strive for.

  • Yes it depends

    I think that it would be beneficial for some people to live in several different countries in their lifetime. This would not be for everyone though. I have a travel bug and would love to live another place for a little bit of time. I wouldn't mind moving around to find the perfect place for me.

  • Yes, it is beneficial to live in multiple countries during a lifetime

    Living in multiple countries during a person's lifetime would give them the advantage of seeing many different types of government, expose them to the working environments in different countries (either on a personal level or vicariously by watching others), and give them a window into the various cultures experienced in the different countries. While living in one country your whole life is not necessarily a bad thing, it does not give you the perspective that living in multiple countries would give you. Living in multiple countries would be more likely to leave a person with a more open view of the world in general and make them more likely to think 'outside the box' instead of following standard ways of doing things.

  • I believe that it is highly beneficial to live in multiple countries during a lifetime

    Regretfully, many people do not get to experience the world outside of their hometown much less have the opportunity to live in a totally different location for an extended period of time. This is beneficial for many reasons such as learning another language, seeing a different culture, experiencing different and varied types of food, and seeing different and amazing types of art represented through painting and music. The longer a person stays in a country, the more they will learn. This unique knowledge can be most beneficial throughout life.

  • No it is not

    No, i think it is good to go and visit as many countries as you can, so that you can see the world. I do not think that it is good to move and live into different countries though, I think that your citizenship needs to be for one country only.

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