• Democracies should be transparent.

    Transparency is a important factor in the government systems as it expose it as a just operation and simply following society's advise.It will it the people know what is going on in the rules and how to cooperate with it. This is very important for everyday life, as it should.

  • Yes It Is

    I believe it is very important for Democracies to remain transparent. I believe the breakdown in American democracy has a lot to do with the ongoing secrecy of the government. While Obama ran on a platform that promised more transparency it is obvious that the government has become far more secretive. I do not believe this serves democracy, it only works to break it down.

  • Democracies should be Transparent

    Democracies around the world need to be transparent in order for the public to have faith and trust the leaders. When the politicians of the democracy try not to be transparent, it is harmful for the freedom of the population. All politicians should take an oath to be transparent in all their governmental work.

  • Democracies to Maintain Transparency

    I personally think that it is best for democracies to maintain transparency because of the strong government. I personally think that the government should be more honest with the people of one country as well as the people that is fighting for the country. I personally think that the democracies is the best for maintaining transparency.

  • People should be able to maintain trust in the government and know what is going on in the government.

    People are trusting in the government, so they should know that they are safe to do so. People should know what is going on in the government because they may need to make decisions for themselves and if they know everything it helps make decisions if the government can't help.

  • They Should Maintain

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  • Yes, democracies should be transparent.

    Democracies should maintain transparency because the government and society should have a strong trust between each other. Also, if it is a democracy, that means that society also has a voice, therefore we must know what is going on and what the situation is to have a say in the situation.

  • The Transparency Is Necessary

    The trust a society has in their government depends on how much they are willing to share. For situations such as threats on the country and other important things such as taxes, the people should be informed. If it becomes known that the government is with-holding information there could be serious repercussions for everyone, normal citizen or politician.

  • Democracies should be transparent.

    The purpose of a leader is to work to achieve goals that they share with their followers, so it is important for their followers to trust them to inform them when something is going on. If the leaders were to keep information to themselves, the followers would be blindly following the leader, and not knowing what they're supporting anymore.

  • Yes its best

    Democracies are based on people having a voice, who gets to decide what national secrets are kept secret? Who decides who is fit to have the knowledge? That is why I firmly believe that democracies must maintain transparency. For example, if there were aliens and the government knew about it and decided not to tell citizens "for their safety", are we really safe if we don't have a voice in what to do about these aliens? Who decides?

  • NOOOOO this is not good!!

    If everyone expressed their feelings, there will be constant conflict and nothing will ever get done. If we allow people to say everything they want to say, many fights, disputes, and disagreements will happen. People have too much in their brains and too many people say what is not needed to be said.

  • No! It's bad.

    Transparency is bad because it could ruin people's reputation's and expose their personal lives which could cause problems among their friends, family, and others. People could lose their jobs over private information and people could get blackmailed. It would lead to civil unrest. This is why transparency is bad for the government.

  • No, they shouldn't

    The government should let us know what's going on because us citizens would need to be prepared for what's happening. Otherwise, it'll only create more panic if the government didn't fix what needed to be fixed making America compromise the trust we had with the government. Secrecy would only make us question why we have a government and why we place the trust of out LIVES with them.

  • Don't tell everything to our society.

    It is best not for the government to tell society everything because if the government tells us everything then people will have a difference of opinion in society and it will cause an outbreak of argument in society and violence. Some thoughts that are trivial or very importance should be withheld for us.

  • Don't compromise our country's secrets.

    It is not best for Democracies to maintain transparency at all. This is because the government, at some level, must be able to keep some activity secret for the safety of the country. If not, then secrets can be exposed to enemy governments. Our military and weapons could be then compromised.

  • Safety above Transparency

    Transparency can result in lots of unnecessary conflict, due to difference of opinion. It is best not to cause nationwide panic for no good reason. In addition, secrecy is essential to keep government secrets about war and other international issues. If all government information is out in the open, our country has no security.

  • Democracies Should Not Always Maintain Transparency

    When you put out in the open all of the details in your government, it can make you as a government vulnerable to the society. People can't always handle the truth, therefore the truth can ruin a democracy as a whole and the government could collapse and be wrongly overthrown.

  • Do not tell

    Democracies should maintain transparency because if they reveal certain topics to the public, then society can break into panic which will lead to chaos about the news. To keep the society safe the public cannot know of the secrets the government has in order for the safety of the people.

  • Democracies should NOT be transparent...

    Due to the fact that societies tend to be flawed, democracies should not be transparent about what they say and do. Governments from other countries would easily be able to access any personal or sensitive information, and cause possible world-spread panic. It would be unwise to expose one's citizens to such possible conflicts and unnecessary security issues. Personal information would be easily accessible, and identities could be stolen. Overall, it would be unwise for democracies to be completely transparent.

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