Do you believe it is best to allow children who are deaf to develop without hearing (yes) or should cochlear implants be used (no)?

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  • They can improve life.

    Cochlear implants should be used when they are available to help deaf children hear, because they can help improve quality of life. A person who cannot hear might be resentful if there is something that can be done to help them and the parents did not choose to take advantage of it.

  • Give em sound

    I think that it would be best to give them sound so that they can know what it is like for a person who has hearing. I think that their life would be a whole lot easier if they can hear a lot of the things that we get to.

  • No, cochlear implants should be used

    Allowing children to live in a world where one of their senses were never given to them deprives them of many great things. They will never be able to appreciate music or sound effects in the same way that we do. If we can give them the ability to hear, why wouldn't we do it? There's nothing inhumane about it and it allows them to enjoy life that much more.

  • No, I believe children should get cochlear implants if possible.

    I believe that if it is medically possible for the child to gain hearing with cochlear implants then that would be the best course of action to take, to deprive a child of hearing which is a vital thing to have in life is not fair and everyone should have the opportunity to hear if possible.

  • Implants Should Be Used

    I believe cochlear implants should be used for deaf children so they get the closest chance to grow up in a normal environment and learn based on their age group, rather than their disability. I believe it is important to do this because language and communication are learned at an early age and if this is missed it's often very difficult to make it up at an older age.

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