• It is best to ban beauty pageant

    I understand that people have the right to do their own thing. But its what you do that people are going to judge. And i think if beauty pageant still exist then children will have a misleading mindset. Because children don't need that kind of show to put in their brain

  • Let the Children Be Children

    I can think of no benefit in objectifying the physical appearance of a child? Why would anyone want to rob them of their childhood and put the pressure on them to look and behave like adults. I believe it creates an maturity, though merely perceived by the child and by adults, that is false and misleading putting the child in adult situation that they are not emotionally ready to handle. I believe our children deserve our protection from being exploited in this way.

  • It is best to ban beauty pageants for children

    It is my opinion that the banning of beauty pageants for children would be the best thing possible for the healthy growth of those children. I believe that beauty pageants put a negative perspective on physical appearance, and hyper-sexualize small children by allowing them to wear make-up or provocative clothing.

  • Creates Distorted Body Images at Young Age

    Beauty pageants for children create distorted body images at even younger ages. Instances of eating disorders will be reduced by eliminating beauty pageants for children. No corporate sponsorship or corporate award is worth the life or the health of a child. Instead of focusing on beauty pageants, kids need to help their fellow humans by feeding the hungry and housing the poor. Instead of beauty pageants, spend that time and energy volunteering for a good cause.

  • People have the right to do and watch what they like.

    Beauty pageants for children aren't necessarily bad. I personally don't like them, but for people who do, it's banning a simple entertainment show that involves dressing up and performance, which can't possibly be as dangerous as boxing or rugby (who'd ban that?) and if some people like watching kids dress up and dance around, or if some kids like being pretty and performing on stage, why stop them? Also, can I point out that child pageants range to 18 years old, so banning child pageants would stop a 15 year old from trying to pursue a career as a model.
    Despite the name of beauty pageants, the competition is not all about beauty. It's about interacting with the crowd, personality, attitude and skill. Many people also say that beauty pageants is sexualising children, therefore it should be banned, but if you look at some costumes that are worn in dance competitions, they can also be quite revealing and no one in their right mind is going to ban dance competitions, are they? Some pageant clothes aren't even that bad! Obviously, there are some things that should be done to child pageants to improve the exploitations of young children, but that doesn't mean that they should be banned altogether.

  • No, they are not that bad

    I think they have their place,but its more the parents that have issues than the children. They seem to take it way too far. The issues behind the parents far exceeds the issues that are on the child. The children look to be having a great old time,but the parents are annoying.

  • Don't like them

    That does not mean that they should be banned. Parents are obviously liking them for what ever reason. I do not believe people should be in the business of telling other people what they can and can't do with their life. As long as they are not abusing their children, and their children like it. Who are we to say they can't do what they like?

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