• It is best to seize the future.

    It is better to renounce the past and to seize the future. People cannot focus on what happened in the past besides to learn from it. The future is what matters. The past cannot be changed but we can do things to change our future and put it on the right path.

  • There is not any thing we can do about some thing which is gone.

    Of course, it turns back to logic and philosophy saying " the past is gone and there is nothing we can do about that." The fact is that using from past as an experience for future is good. Some times we need to stop and take deep breath and think about what we did wrong in the past, or we could do better to have gotten benefit off of that and not do the same mistake again.

  • The future contains opportunity but the past does not.

    It is best to renounce the past and seize the future because people make all kinds of mistakes in the past. It should not be a representation of who they are today. Therefore, working in the future to be where one wants to go is the best step to take.

  • It would be wise

    Sometimes I think remembering the past is a bit overblown. Sometimes people's past paralyzes their future. So, maybe it would be good for people to renounce their past and seize the future. The only problems is people's past always catches up to them, and people will always make you pay for your past. I guess it is best to ignore people and learn from your past, so you can seize the future.

  • Understanding and preserving the past is vital to undertake the future ...

    Understanding and preserving the past is vital to undertake the future .... No memory can not have enough information to understand the present, and we can not make predictions about our near future ... This applies to all aspects of our lives: philosophical, spiritual, economic ...Pretender live only the present and then recreate a possible future, is irresponsible...

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