Do you believe it is best to solve problems in the environment by changing our lifestyle (yes) or by changing the way we obtain energy (no)?

  • Lifestyle is key

    I think that the more important thing that needs changing is the lifestyle of humans. We naturaly take everything that we can, and that needs to change. Some things need to start being used in less quantities, so that we can keep all of the things that we enjoy in our environment.

  • Change how we get energy.

    There are a lot of childish and selfish adults in the developed world. People who dig in their heels and resist any change, no matter how beneficial it may be. Instead of trying to convince these self centered millions to change their behavior, changing how we deliver energy to them would provide us with the most benefit.

  • Yes, changing the way we obtain energy is best.

    The way we obtain and use energy is what causes most of the problems in the environment. Burning coal and fossil fuels causes very harmful pollution to disturb the environment. If we change the way we obtain energy over time it could help solve this problem we are having today.

  • I Believe It Takes Both

    I believe it is best to solve problems in the environment by changing our lifestyles and changing the way we obtain energy. I believe our lifestyles put to much pressure on the environment and there are a lot of things about our lifestyles (especially Americans) that need to controlled or reassessed. So, personally, I think we have room to improve as far as our lifestyles go. I think it is equally important to change the way we obtain energy because we will need to use more renewable energy in the future since those sources are infinite, rather than the finite sources we use now.

  • Energy is the way to go

    While changing the way we live would go a long way for solving environmental problems, we have to focus more on energy. Just the carbon emissions of the USA, India, and China are enough to drive the climate change problem that has been worsening by the decade. Time for new forms of energy.

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