Do you believe it is better to be a follower (yes) or a leader (no)?

  • Yuh fo sho

    Follow the leader, you only need 1 leader you need way more followers true shit homes, don't do acid you end up on this site, I think am I really here? What's going on? Hello ? Why am I here some one help what the actual fifer Mon helpppp mmeeee

  • Follow Our Leader

    I don't want to be afraid of someone assassinating me. If I don't like the leader, then we'll get another one at the next election. It's better to be a leader, though, when no one will take charge. Otherwise, I prefer the backseat where you can cajole the leader. I don't want to be hated by half the country too.

  • Better to be a follower.

    I know that most people would pick that it is better to be a leader. I think it is better to be a follower. Here is why: Almost everyone wants to be a leader. This makes for a bunch of "leaders" all competing with each other and no one following. To follow shows that you have restraint.

  • Always be leading

    Until someone is an expert, being a leader is impossible. Yet, many of the qualities that a leader has are inherent and difficult to learn, they have shaped themselves to be leaders. There are often several advantages to being a leader including agenda setting, manpower focusing, and an increased pay rate.

  • Following Is Bad

    I personally believe it is better to be a leader than a follower. While it may seem suitable to follow and sometimes it is, I think it is best to think independently. I think a leader usually utilizes this ability and I think the general public should do the same on a daily basis.

  • No, I believe it's better to be a leader.

    Whenever possible being able to make the decisions is the better choice, I think people who are followers are allowing someone to think for them which I believe is a mistake, I believe that everyone is smart enough to be able to make their own decisions and make the correct ones.

  • Being a leader is important.

    Being a follower has its place and it is a good thing to learn but being a leader is always important. Learning how to organize and prioritize is a major part of leading and great skills to learn for different areas of life. A person doesn't have to lead in everything they do but leading in areas they are good at will help boost self esteem also.

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