Do you believe it is better to do what you believe in (yes) or settle for what you are doing (no)?

  • Settling Is Degrading

    I have always believed that it is better to do what you believe in rather than settle for you are doing. Having to settle insinuates that you are some how dissatisfied with the situation which simply means you will become more disgruntled as time passes. You may be able to lie to yourself for a little while, but you're not going to be able to keep it up forever.

  • Stand up for Beliefs

    People should stand up for what they believe, even if it is going to be more difficult than going along with what is popular. A person will feel better about themselves if they have strong convictions and stick with those convictions. Many times it can be easier to settle for less.

  • Settling does not improve one's life.

    It is best to do what one believes in. This is because it affirms the self. If we settle for what we are doing then we could end up never trying to improve ourselves. For example, if a person is drinking to get through the day, and settles for it, his life is likely to turn out quite badly in time.

  • Have no regrets

    Yes, It is better to go ahead and do what you believe in, so that you can live a full life and you can be happy. If you just settle for everything, you will not meet your goals or get the things out of life that you need to be successful.

  • Do what you believe in

    As a person who has been stuck in a lot of precarious situations, including a military career and currently a relationship I'm not happy with, I have to say that it's more important to do what you believe in. As long as it's not hurting other people, of course. Be true.

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