Do you believe it is better to fund space exploration (yes) or use the funds to help develop the country further (no)?

  • Resources in space = Happier lives on earth

    Our solar system alone has a huge abundance of resources, which we could mine. The most valuable resources are probably asteroids, which can be worth trillions of dollars each. We could stop mining on earth for the sake of the environment and never have to again. This is the sensible way to gain resources, not war.

  • Yes, I believe it is better ot fund space exploration.

    I believe funding space exploration is something vital for the nation to do, I believe the more we learn about the universe the more we can advance our understanding of science on earth in different ways, some of our greatest inventions that every American uses today have come out of funding space exploration.

  • Yes, space exploration should be funded

    Space exploration should be funded. There is a vast amount of untapped resources within our solar system that may be able to enrich the lives of future generations. While there are many other needs within our country that are important and deserve funding, space exploration should not be cut out. The mining of asteroids is an exciting idea that merits further research and study.

  • Settling the last frontier

    We need to work on not only exploring space but also attempt to set up colonies on the moon and elsewhere. The way our society runs we will eventually run out of a lot of natural resources and then will be forced to move elsewhere. It would give us an advantage if we had already made progress in this area.

  • I believe that the investment is space exploration is wise investment for the United States.

    Even in this time of tight budgets I believe that the funds invested in space exploration are a wise investment for the United States to make. We have to consider the future of our society and the limited resources on the planet Earth and the growth of our population means that at some point we (mankind) will have to turn to space for additional resources.

  • No, it's better to help a country develop.

    I think it is more important that a country fund it's development more than it is important to better fund its space program. While I think space exploration is important for the benefit of mankind, it is still more important that a country do what it can to better the living situation for all of its citizens.

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