Do you believe it is better to help dying children in Africa (yes) or stop the parents from procreating (no)?

  • Yes, it is better to help dying children in Africa

    It is better to help dying children in African rather than stopping the parents from procreating. While it would be advantageous to devote time and effort to birth control ideologies in the country, the main focus should be on helping the children already there and in danger of dying from starvation or disease. They need help now.

  • Help the dying children

    It is very important and ethical to help the dying children in Africa. The parents should stop having kids, but we can not blame the kids because they have no control over the horrible circumstances they have been put in. Food and shelter should be given to the kids to help them.

  • Stop the breeding!

    If we continue to support their problems they will never learn to deal with it themselves. Learned helplessness. One of societies biggest problems everywhere. Africa needs to learn to stand on its own. Again, this is everywhere. There needs to be repercussions for those that breed irresponsibly. Instead we keep giving handouts from those of us that work for a living.

  • Population and society control is the way towards an advanced civilization

    I am not talk only about Africans, i think economically poor people , young parents (bellow 21 years of age), and people who have not capabilities of raising children , should be prohibited from having babies or procreating, there is not point in bringing someone to life without being able to support themselves and the children , its not only pointless its also should be considered an offense or a minor crime to bring someone to this world that will ultimately not be able to grow in proper conditions and receive a proper education. Do not bring someone to suffer in this world, we need to build a self sustainable society, and that will also help to decrease crime rate, and increase human development index.

  • Fix The Problem

    While it is important to help dying children in Africa I would have to say it is more important to stop the parents from procreating so you can fix the problem and not just the bad results. I believe providing contraception would be a good way to impact this without blatantly stopping people from what they want to do.

  • We'd have more to help.

    I think it is better to stop parents from procreating rather than help dying children in Africa, because it is inhumane to continue to allow children to be born into such poverty and problems in Africa, knowing that they will suffer the same fate. Stopping them from having children would leave more money for the children that are already here.

  • No, it's better to help their parents stop from procreating.

    The reason Africa has so many problems is because the people who live in some of the area cannot take care of themselves. There are way too many people there procreating and not enough resources. I think America should help these people to learn how to have sex without procreation.

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