• I take the position that same-sex classrooms are beneficial to a child's social and academic health

    Because many parents believe that coed classrooms cheat girls and boys, scientists say that different genders learn differently and that the opposite gender could be a distraction.
    One reason is that many believe that coed classrooms “cheat girls” because they may be quieter than boys and in the same-sex classrooms
    For example “Girls are more apt to answer questions aloud in class as well as ask them. Girls are learning to be more academically competitive” says principal Jill Rojas who works with same-sex classrooms.
    Also many teachers, parents and students say that typical gender stereotypes aren't as prominent, not to mention that the girls don't feel the need to put on makeup or fix up their hair “At my high school, girls would rarely, if ever, put on makeup or fix their hair in any special way.” says Carolyn Heneghan, who used to attend a same-sex highschool. In addition a researcher found that in a coed classroom boys shouted out their answers without raising their hands and were praised, but when giros did the same they were told to raise their hands. Additionally, boys were told to figure it out [the problem] themselves while girls were given the answers.
    A second reason is that we as humans may we wired differently in the way we learn. For example boys are a bit more active in the way they learn, they need to be moving around and exercising. Boys like to learn “hands on” while girls do better reading a book and writing. Some educators say that this is why boys sometimes have behavior issues in school, they’re not programed for it.
    Also, research shows that boys learn better in cooler rooms, while girls learn better in warmer ones. In a same-sex classroom they could set up the room this way to make the students comfortable. Lastly teachers say that boys don't squirm around in their chairs as much because they are getting the proper exercise in their same-sex class.
    Finally, the opposite gender could be a distraction to some students. I believe it is common knowledge that many teens, both male and female, spend a lot of time trying to impress the other gender. This could be a huge distraction because people a lot of times end up fighting about who they like. Educators say the girls don't do as much “boy talk” in a same-sex classroom as they did in a coed environment, and they had less petty grudges and less students dropped out due to pregnancy.
    Many people claim that same-sex classrooms

  • In secondary education, higher education, but not in primairy education

    I believe classes should be mixed in elementary school.
    That's when kids aren't influenced by pubescent emotions and hormonal changes.
    Also girls are smarter ages 11 to 15, so this might and is making teachers baised towards grading them better as well.
    Smarter students are subconsciously graded a little better.

    We should segregate the classrooms starting from highschool, all the way to university.
    There is a study which shows higher educational stats for students from segregated classroom, i've lost the link but i'll post it here once i find it.

    The percentage of boys who attempt higher education stays about the same.
    But the percentage of those boys who succeed in higher education increases.
    The percentage of girls who attempt higher education increases.
    And the percentage of those girls who succeed in higher education increases as well.

  • Yes, I beieve it would work better.

    I think it would be better to keep the boys and girls separate. By the time kids get up to about 6th grade, their minds are less on school work and more on goofing off and starting to flirt, and it only gets worse from there through high school. If the classrooms were segregated by gender the kids might pay more attention and get better grades.

  • Not at all

    Girls and boys will grow up without interacting and feel different about each other, it would be hard for girls to know what boys are like and vice versa if they can't communicate, especially at a young age. This enhances gender inequality and gives bad impressions of different genders. How are you going to get married or understand the opposite sex if you're segregated in classrooms at all times?

  • Leads to sexist beliefs

    Anytime young men and women don't interact with each other they will create stereotypes about the opposite sex and will inevitably lead to even more sexism then already apparent. It is also unrealistic because men and women will have to work together in life and denying them the social education required about each other.

  • No, segregating classrooms is not better.

    While some students do learn more effectively in all-male or all-female schools, I do not believe that this type of setup is inherently better than co-educational classrooms. I believe the gender of the students in your classroom is far less important than how the classroom (and the school in general) is managed.

  • do not segregate classroom

    When schools prohibit boys and girls from studying together in the same classroom, they may think that their gender is either better or inferior. According to Forbes, when students are segregated by sex, they miss opportunities to work together and develop vital social skills. The publisher also states that segregated students often wonder about the reasons for separation, and they question the value of one gender over another.

  • No, I do not believe it is better to segregate classes by gender.

    No, I do not believe it is better to segregate classes by gender because this is coddling the children. In real life and the real world, both men and women are going to work together and have to make it work. Why start children off at a deficit? I also think it promote the inequality of one gender versus the other.

  • Segregation is terrible.

    It is high time that human beings stop breaking ourselves into groups and segregating ourselves from one another. When we focus on differences among us, problems always arise. Even if it's just to focus on the positive sides of things. Segregation is bad, especially for men and women, because it enhances gender inequality.

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