Do you believe it is better to shop on-line (yes) or in stores (no)?

  • Yes, it's better to shop on-line.

    I believe it is much better to shop on-line. In addition to saving gas money by not having to travel to the store, it is also simple to gain some control over impulse shopping by using the on-line cart. If you have an account with the store, it's easy to save selected items to a cart and then step away for a bit before finalizing the purchase.

  • better to shop

    I personally agree,Many small average purchases can be made from an online store without being any different than seeing them in the store. However, major purchases like vehicles, furniture, and major appliances need to be seen an tested to make sure it fit's the individual customers needs. I wouldn't buy a car without checking under the hood!

  • On-line is best

    For most things it is best to shop on-line because it saves time and money for the consumer. For some items like clothes, it is still probably best to go to a store to shop. But as technology advances this might change to. Amazon is the best company now that does on-line shopping.

  • Better To Shop

    I personally think that shopping online has become more painful due to data security problems and online forms. I generally shop on line at retailers that I have come to trust, most often that is Amazon. If I can not find what I need at Amazon I consider other trusty sites that I have ordered from in the past. If I don't feel like an online retailer is legitimate, then I will not purchase from them

  • In a store

    I think that there is a lot that can go wrong when you shop online, for example your product can get damaged during shipping, and if you are not careful you can get your information stolen from you online, and can cause you a whole lot of problems later on.

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